If Cavalry Archers Could Fire While Moving?

Would this be totally broken? Would the entire game have to re-balanced if cavalry archers could move and fire at the same time?

Give this to Elephant Archers. 11


Moving high HP towers? XD

That might fix the unit alright.


Not doable sadly
The units seems to be hardcoded to stop to fire.

In advanced genie editor if I turned horse archers into moving towers? (they will still be horse archers in terms of looks, but as far the game think it will think they are towers) Maybe it could work?


Hardcoded for random modders. Not for the developers.

Someone made a Tatar, Cuman, Bulgarian and Lithuanian mod for Wololo Kingdoms and it was impossible to code the Lithuanian Relic Bonus, Leitis, Keshik and Tatar Hill Bonus. Devs can change the game any day.

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If the siege towers used to do it, maybe

Imagining it, and it looks cool and not exactly broken and possibly within good standards for the ele archers, not certain it would be healthy for cavalry archers tho, better to just buff those a different way

Just look at Stronghold Crusader. Cavalry Archers can fire while moving and it’s completely op.


What :rofl:. CA in crusader is so weak and you need more than 100 unit to kill one steel arm man :rofl::rofl::rofl:

If this can happen in AOE2, then CA will have maybe 2 or even 1 attack not 6 like we have now to balance this.

Maybe they can make it an upgrade in the archery range and it will cost 2000Gold /3000 food :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Fire while moving would require the game being designed that way from the start. AFAIK there is no unit in AOE2 that has this feature. Not a single one. If fire while moving is a thing, Microsoft would better introduce population so cavalry takes 2 pop, and completely overhaul the entire AOE2 and massively buff infantry or something crazy. I don’t see it happening. Given that Battlecruiser in SC2 can fire while moving now, maybe AOE4 they can introduce this feature.

No > 1 pop ideas please

It’s just not AOE2

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i don’t think violet was seriously recommending it. just saying if they were going to go with something like units shooting on the run, might as well completely revamp the game.

and yeah. hard no for me. if they did a complete revamp like that…

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My post was sort of a follow-up

If we need what @VioletTexas3273 says we would, then since it will need > 1 pop, then I’m indirectly asking OP to think of another idea for CA

hold up


This isn’t the topic tho

I put that in a private chat because I didn’t want to completely derail the Indians thread. And now you’re going to completely derail the CA thread? Oh my days.

Feel free to copy-paste in my final reply

nah was a mitake putting it there. my bad, i replied elsewhere and it took it here, bad copy paste or something.

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This would be insanely broken. Good luck killing the 2nd fastest unit in the game now that they don’t need to stop anymore. This would also give them the ultimate advantage in archer fights since they can shoot while dodging ballistics. Also no need to introduce new mechanics just make them have 0 frame delay and it would already be completely broken.

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We can just don’t put it on standart games but in scenarios. We aren’t arguing balance right? Making Moveable Tower was clever idea but I am too lazy to do and test it. And putting this thread to modding is good idea.

Thats totally broken