If Delhi can take sacred sites in 2nd age, HRE should be able to take Relics in 2nd Age

HRE is the only faction that can have their faction bonus 100% denied if someone like the Rus gets to the relics early and takes them. HRE should have some mechanic to take them and hold them earlier.


I agree, this would make tower defenses much stronger early game as well as proved them with a more healthy economy. I am very pleased to see a lot of rework suggestion posts for the HRE.

I dont think so. If HRE can take relics in feudal, then they’re guaranteed to get almost all of them immediately since you can task your prelates during the transition to feudal. Even with castle restriction, HRE will be able to take most of the relics on the map faster than anyone else since they bypass monastery and you can send out your prelates during the transition to Castle.

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I think the difference is that sacred sites stay where they are once captured. To undo the relic capture you’re probably going to have to destroy the whole HRE base.


Maybe if they could see which buildings had relics in them, or where the relics are at the start?

Highly disagree , u can’t let a civ has all the relic .

Getting sacred site if fine , becoz u can always neutralized them with any unit .

But u can’t secured relic vs a civ that can captured them a age earlier . It will be so unfair and busted , HRE is already at decent spot , they don’t need game breaking stuff like this .

Still u have to destroy whole base to get to the backside church that has relic ???

Maybe, but at least you know where it is, and possibly how many each player has collected.

U mean hre should know where relics are in game ??? It’s ok if they can’t capture them a age earlier .

Yes. They know where the relics start and/or know which enemy monasteries have relics in them. They don’t get to go and pick them up in Feudal, but they can go guard them.

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The HRE already has a huge economic boost since the start of the game, therefore it is OVERPOWERED to even think of improving it much more by allowing the priest to capture relics during the 2nd Age.

HRE is my second favorite faction but that would simply break the game and Devs already know it.

Sorry but the community is trying to balance the game, not break it LOL


Also remember that Dehli tech requires 5 minutes or more, so you have to buy at least 5 priest and put them inside churches to lower that time down to 1.2 seconds.

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