If Elephants had an auto firing archer on their back?

How much stronger would a War Elephant (battle elephant be) if it had an auto-firing mounted archer on it’s back? The archer auto fires while the elephant can still engage in melee. The mounted archer on it’s back is affected by blacksmith upgrades.

Even if the archer on it’s back only doing the same damage output of single crossbowman each, how much of would this affect the elephant unit? And how much would this affect the unit if the archer did same damage output as an arbalest?

Would this make elephants very powerful? Or do very little for them?

This can’t be done. An unit can have both melee and ranged attack

If could be done. What affect would it have?

It would be quite broken, I guess

Why stop there? Also put a rocket launcher that shoots out of the ■■■ and lasers from the eyes that melt anything that is in front of the elephant as soon as the elephant looks their way! :grin: :grin: :grin:

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Sticky bombs would be more fitting weapon from the backside