If every civ had a unique Castle design

Lords of the West introduced a unique feature: civilization-specific Castle designs in addition to Wonders. So far, the feature is unique to DLC civs. But what if every civ had a unique design? This post will come up with ideas (excluding the ones already present, of course). A comment on the wiki helped a little.

Aztecs: Default Mesoamerican
Berbers: Aït Benhaddou
Britons: Default Western European
Bulgarians: Baba Vida
Burmese: Ananda Temple
Byzantines: Kantara Castle
Celts: Trim Castle
Chinese: Forbidden City
Cumans: Default Central Asian
Ethiopians: Ta’akha Maryam Palace (not ruined)
Franks: Château de Langeais
Goths: Mangup Fortress
Huns: Default Central European
Incas: Puka Pukara
Italians: Default Mediterranean
Japanese: Default East Asian
Khmer: Default Southeast Asian
Koreans: Gyeongbokgung
Lithuanians: Default Eastern European
Magyars: Bran Castle
Malay: Prambanan
Malians: Default African
Mayans: Pyramid of the Magician
Mongols: Karakorum
Persians: Arg-e Bam
Portuguese: Castle of Almourol
Saracens: Default Middle Eastern
Slavs: Kremlin
Spanish: Castle of Loarre
Tatars: Ak-Saray Palace
Teutons: Eltz Castle
Turks: Rumelihisarı
Vietnamese: Đoan Môn
Vikings: Borgeby Castle


i would love that. it feels simply ‘‘not fair’’ for the older civs to not get a unique castle desing now


Thank you for going through the effort of finding one for (nearly) every civ. Makes an easy google to see what’s what.


It would be fine but ismt there anything prettier than this one? Although if you restore it it may look good idk, but pretty sure I have seem prettier Byzantine defensive structures

Ehhh I think using an actual defensive structure would be better

Not Malian although I admit finding a Malian fortress is hard. Either way the current African castle is inspired in that so it may be easier to search for an Ethiopian castle.

Eh I get why you are picking from Mongolia but at the same time searching a fortress built elsewhere by the Mongols may be easier than reconstryctin their capital buildings

Its perfectly good but at the same time I think something more medieval and less fancy would be cooler for Spain, idk why

Too modern

Either way pretty good list.

It would be amazing to have unique castles. I would suggest keeping the default mesoamerican castle for the aztecs and instead making an unique mayan castle (Like the pyramids of Uxmal or Ek Balam) as the Pyramid of the Niches was built by the totonacs, not the aztecs.


Believe it or not, there aren’t many Byzantine forts that fit within the AoE2 timeline.

I just went with what a wiki commenter went with. The only Ethiopian castle I can find is anachronistic.

Believe me, it’s not easier. There’s practically no information about Mongol fortresses at all.

My goodness, I didn’t notice. I’ll have to fix them.

I didn’t know that. I’ll have to correct the list some more. Thank you.


Nice… sorry I meant to say :

WTF??? A poster that admits when it doesn’t know something, takes responsibility, and is willing to make a change??? THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! WITCHCRAFT ! ! !, WITCHCRAFT ! ! !..

(That was Sarcasm for does Sarcasm-impaired) :innocent:


I’d keep it for the Teutons, the design is so iconic to them. For the Huns, I’d rather see an occupied ruined roman castle, it would fit them and the style of their wonder.


I thought there were super famous clay castles in Mali, but it seems what was presented to me as castles were actually mosques…

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Some pictures would be appreciated. For each of the castle recommendations.

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I agree with how iconic the castle is, but German castles look so cool that it seemed like a missed opportunity to not use one of them.


What? Huns will use a German Fortress as their castle?

I guess it’s a strange pick, but I wanted a German castle as the Teutons castle, as they tend to look pretty cool. I can always swap things around and give the Huns an abandoned Roman fort.


For civilizations such as huns or goths which we cant find castle concepts better to just keep the originals.Giving ruines is a lame idea.

Or just use imagination for how a barbarian castle would look like.
Something like this?


I agree with the idea of each civ having a unique castle, but I think the examples of real castles should be used as inspiration for the style, rather than copied as closely as they would be for wonders. Most of the castles in game are like this – I think the only exception is the Bohemian castle, which is so obviously a specific real building that it looks weird once you have more than one.

This is actually an Anglo-Norman castle unfortunately, not built by the Irish. There are loads of castles in Ireland though – finding suitable inspiration for a castle for the Celts shouldn’t be a problem.


Germany has even more castles than France so indeed choosing is hard.

Maybe asking for a set of several random castles, like it’s already the case for houses (3 models, one randomly picked when placing the house), would be excessive ? :smile:

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I’d give them the Tower of London instead


Too emblematic and recognisable, it would be fine as a wonder but seeing half a dozen Towers of London on the same map would be very strange.