If every civilization had a unique Monastery

Currently, no civs have a unique Monastery, but multiple people have suggested regional Monastery variations, along with appropriate Monks. But, what if we took it a step further and gave everyone a unique Monastery design, like I did with Castles a while ago? That’s what this is about.

Aztecs: Current design
Bengalis: Sun Temple at Sonatapal
Berbers: Mosque of the Three Doors
Bohemians: St. Vitus Church
Britons: Current design
Bulgarians: Church of the Holy Mother of God, Asen’s Fortress
Burgundians: Something inspired by the Basilica of the Holy Blood
Burmese: Sulamani Temple
Byzantines: Church of the Holy Apostles
Celts: Kilfane Church
Chinese: Temple of Confucius
Cumans: Tengri shrine
Dravidians: Current design
Ethiopians: Church of Saint George, Lalibela
Franks: Calvi Cathedral
Goths: Current design
Gurjaras: Kiradu temple
Huns: Temple of Hercules Victor (ruined)
Hindustanis: Alai Darwaza
Incas: Original structure inspired by Machu Picchu
Italians: Current design
Japanese: Current design
Khmer: Current design
Koreans: Haeinsa
Lithuanians: Pagan Shrine
Magyars: Holy Trinity and Saint Stephen Church, Velemer
Malay: Prambanan
Malians: Current design
Mayans: El Castillo, Chichen Itza
Mongols: Tent inspired by the Temple of Sulde Tengri
Persians: Fire Temple of Yazd
Poles: Church of St. Procopius
Portuguese: Lisbon Cathedral
Romans: Santa Costanza
Saracens: Current design
Sicilians: Messina Cathedral
Slavs: Current design
Spanish: Siguenza Cathedral
Tatars: Current design
Teutons: Zixdorf Church
Turks: Green Mosque
Vietnamese: One Pillar Pagoda
Vikings: Kaupanger Stave Church


I love that these churches would emphasise the sisterhood of these two civs, as they were built by the same Emperor, BUT I do think that they are a little away from the timeline.

But then, just look at the Persian AI names

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I wanted to choose an early Roman church for the Romans to emphasize the fact that they represent the period of history where Christianity being the state religion was fairly new.

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No, no, this is a pretty good take. Maybe we could try with something just after the Battle of the Frigidus

The current monastery for goths is Georgian so I’d propose Sant’Agata de Goti built by ricimer or the arian baptistry of Theodoric.

Yeah, I know that. I wanted to keep it in in some capacity because A) it’s iconic, and B) it’s the only Georgian representation we have in the game so far.

I like the overall idea, but if they’re going to be based on actual buildings, I think they should be based on actual monasteries where possible, rather than just any religious building. I’m not really knowledgeable enough to give suggestions, except Iona Abbey for Celts. (I could also give several suggestions for Britons, but I agree it makes sense for them to keep the current one.)

I dunno. I feel like based on the actual in-game designs for the Monastery, it’s more meant to represent a normal religious structure rather than an actual monastery. I went with that theme rather than limiting myself for realism purposes.

I hope once Georgians are added they may rethink that. The iconic gelati monastery will remain of course but not in the current central European set lol.


Actually, I think the best choice for a Caucasian Monastery would be Jvari Monastery. Maybe Gelati can become a Scenario Editor object, especially if there’s a Tamar campaign (that’s where she was crowned).

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I would be happy for this to be paid DLC content.

Cool idea but readability might get affected with this,but then again we already have castles.

Another thing the game can have is more animals.its odd that there is no chicken in game while all other farm animals are there.


I’m thinking the same thing. I think an Oceania expansion would be a good time to introduce chickens, as they were used extensively by the Polynesians.

Personally I’ve been wanting civ-specific temples for a while now. Glad someone actually tried coming up with possible ones.
One problem tho:

Why should they keep it? It’s based on a Georgian church.

Edit: nvm you already answered. Still doesn’t make sense to keep them for Goths of all people tho. lol

Yeah, it doesn’t, but I wanted the Teutons to have a more representative German church. Besides, the Crimean Goths are kinda geographically close to Georgia.

Isnt it ironic that there is a penguin riding a polar bear but no normal polar bear.All that is needed remove the rider and render.

DoI was a great opportunity to introduce exotic animals like peacocks.


No dogs in the game either. :pensive:


The current Monastery design is not of the Dravidian style (southern-Indian) of architecture but Nagara style (northern-Indian).

The current Monastery which all 4 South Asian civs have got now is based on the Sun Temple you see below.

I see. But still, I didn’t see a significant enough difference between Dravidian architecture and the current Indian Monastery to justify giving it to someone else. But if that’s really wrong, then maybe it can be given to the Gurjaras instead, and the Dravidians can get something else.

I think it depends whose intentions you’re talking about. In alpha versions of AoK, they were called churches rather than monasteries, so there was obviously a conscious decision made at some point to change the name. That might just have been because churches are specifically Christian, but it did (at least roughly) coincide with the addition of the one based on Gelati Monastery, which obviously is based on an actual monastery. The other three original graphics are generic rather than specific buildings. I believe there’s no monasticism in Islam anyway, but for the other two, I don’t think it’s possible to identify visually whether they belong to a monastery or not. So I’d say ES’s intention was that they are specifically monasteries whenever that makes sense, but that in most cases they didn’t go out of their way to depict it visually.

On the other hand, the FE monasteries often seem to be (loosely) based on specific buildings that are not monasteries. (At least if the wiki is to be believed – and I’m not sure how seriously to take it, since it describes the western European one as having “a distinct Gothic style” despite it being predominantly Romanesque.)

Anyway, it’s your topic, you can do what you like. I was just expressing an opinion – and my only real justification for it is that the building is called ‘monastery’ and trains monks.