If Freyr is a major god, who would you like to see for the other nations?

I must say that I really like that we are getting (hopefully) new major gods. If we are lucky, they might even bring some new minor ones (coz Hel and Hera are unique to Loki and Zeus) too.

So who would you like to see for the others?

For Greeks, I would like to see Demeter to finally have all of the 12 in game.

For Atlanteans, I would like to see Khaos as he is another of the main primordial gods.

And for Egyptians, I don’t really know as I am not that versed in Egyptian mythology.


For Greek, I enterly agree with you, Demeter is the best option.

For Egyptians, the correct should be Horus, but he’s already a Minor God.

For Atlateans, I dont Know, maybe Pontus, Khaos or Aetherr?


I hope to see Amun for Egyptians :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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In AoE3DE some civilisations (USA and Mexico) exist both as a revolution and as a normal playable civilisation which is kinda strange.

I think having the same gods exist as Minor and Major gods is way less of an issue.
Because why should I not be able to worship Thor and Odin at the same time when I’m allowed to worship Odin and Freyja at the same time?

So I think it’s ok when Minor gods also become Major gods and current Major gods also become Minor Gods.

There are many interesting deities which could be introduced as major gods. Here are my picks:

Greeks: Demeter

Egyptians: Amun

Norse: Freyr was the obvious choice, but since we now know he’s being introduced, I’d like to see Vidar.

Atlanteans: Unpopular choices maybe, either Arkantos or Poseidon.


Pontus (the sea) for Atlanteans, opposed to Gaia (the earth) and the sky.
Pontus was one of the primordial deities too.

Alternatively: Erebus (Darkness), Nyx (Night), Hemera (Day), Aether (bright upper sky) etc., there were many primordial deities in ancient Greek myths.


Greeks: definitely Demeter

Egyptians: since Set is an option, why not Apophis since he’s more on Ra’s level

Atlanteans: Nyx would make sense. She’s the mother of a lot of the others (e.g. Hemera and Aether, and a spawn of monsters) so they could be minor gods


Yeah, Pontus would make a lot of sence for an island based nation. If they cannot have Poseidon, another sea deity would be perfect.

Yes, you can do crazy things about that…

Poseidon cannot be because he is one of the main Greek gods, and you cannot leave the Greeks without a god with a naval bonus… Arkantos can be, since after recovering Poseidon’s trident and defeating Gargarensis in Atlantis he became a god, so he may be a minor Atlantean god for Kastor and the Atlantean campaign and civ like Athena is in the Greek campaign and civ…

You misunderstood me. I don’t want Poseidon to be removed from the Greeks of course, I think both the Greeks and the Atlanteans could have Poseidon as a main god. The atlantean version would have a different GP and different upgrades of course. Imo, it would fit very well with the established lore of the game.

This would be really cool tbh.
Maybe even a Greek Atlanten Hybrid civilisation?

Bridging the gap between the 1st and 2nd campaign Atlanteans.
It could have some of the Greek Minor Gods as choices and have the same unique unit as Poseidon Greeks for example.

But you currently select civilisations based on Major God, the UI would get a little confusing if there where 2 Poseidon,
Maybe AoMR changed that UI anyway since not ever civilisation has the same number of Gods now.

Yes, that’s precisely what I thought it could be. this would be a nice way to address the many complaints about the original campaign not being reworked with atlantean units and buildings after TT.

What if Poseidon allowed the atlanteans to train greek units in their military barracks and counter-barracks, with each of them having a hero version? (crazy or not?)

Moreover, this could be the opportunity to mix up minor greek gods and titans as age up options and see how they could synergise together.

Yes, of course. Maybe the atlantean version would need his own portrait, as to not confuse the two.

For me, greeks should have the two missing olympians: Démeter and Hestia. If every new mayor god came with 3 new gods (one per age) I’ll put Démeter as a mayor god, with Hestia, Persephone and the 3rd spot might be Nike or Iris.
Atlanteas could get as a mayor god Temis (the titan of the divine order and justice, wich was adored even in Athens) with Selene (the moon), Eos (the aurora) and Mnemosyne (the memory) as minor gods.
If Freyr comes with 3 minor gods I would select Frigg, Vili and Gerd (Freyr’s wife) as minor gods.
And finally, for egypteans I would put Nut as a mayor god, with Sobek, Jonsu and Geb as the three minor gods


Yes, it could be…let’s see what they do with that…