If i delete castle build, i lose my stone?

if i delete castle build, do i lose my stone?

how does it work im confused.

if i set a castle build without touching with a villager, can my enemy see it?

If i am correctly: You get only back the non build part. If your castle is build for 80%, than you only get 20% back.
Your enemy sees you castle when you start building (touching with a vill) and if it is line of sight of a unit/building.

I actually what happens if you dropped a castle (not start building), but the enemy also start building with a building at the same spot…


I guess whoever starts building first deletes the enemy’s building and said enemy get their ressources back.


i tried to build castle, was at 2% and deleted it. lost all my stone. your theory seems to be wrong.

Just tested in scenario editor, he is correct, the stone will be returned. (even the castle created by trigger will give the stone back)

did anyone attack it at that moment? If the castle got destroyed you will lose all of your stone anyway, even it is not finished.

If it actually happened, you can find the replay file and report it as bug, that is not supposed to happen.


i got attacked…

I think you will lose it if the enemy destroys it rather than you cancel it yourself. Not 100% sure.


It’s how it works indeed


If some building isnt fully build and got destroyed, than you indeed get nothing back.


The enemy destroys it = no resources back
You deleting it yourself = you get resources back


What happens if the enemy part destroys it? It it worth letting them attack a castle foundation until it’s nearly destroyed before deleting it?

It doesn’t matter, if the castle gets destroyed you lose all the stone. If you delete it you get stone back based how how far it had to go to completion. So it depends, if you think you can finish the castle before they can destroy the foundation, or want to have them waste their time destroying it so that you waste your stone, then leave it their. If you want to move the castle position, or don’t want to risk it getting destroyed and losing the stone then delete it.

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Thank you. So just to double check I understand, if I let them waste a couple of minutes attackimg it until the hp of the castle is really low, then I delete it just before they destroy it, I get the same resources back as I would have had they not attacked it?

Yes. Just make sure to delete it before they can destroy it if you want anything back.

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Perfect, thank you. I’ll definitely screw it up but now I know what I need to do. Thanks for your help.

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