If I were the one who had AOE-4 in his hands

This is just based on my personal tastes and I just want to share it. I have assumed that none of this is very likely to be implemented, which is why it is not a suggestion forum. I’m starting to resign myself to it.

  1. Adjust the scale of the buildings (Not real scale, but more respectable).
  2. More refined water as does AOE-3.
  3. Better physics in projectiles, and in impact against buildings or soldiers.
  4. The corpses do not disappear instantly and neither do the projectiles.
  5. The trees a little more organic and tall. (With the possibility of configuring them to be lower)
  6. Siege operated and transported. (same as AOE-3 cannons)
  7. More gaia elements (Birds in the sky, natural ponds, fauna and flora of all kinds, dry or decaying trees as in AOE-3 on the map of Florida or New England)
  8. More types of fauna to hunt. (Not just deer).
  9. I would like batch creation (5 in 5) for cavalry and infantry to reduce over-management and make better use of space.
  10. Interface and icons more elaborate like those of previous AOE. With more art and details.
  11. The boats could be a little bigger and the fishing boats could have human crew as in AOE-3. The projectiles of ships could feel heavier and more intimidating. Let the flames and the terrifying sound they cause when they cross the air be seen.