If new animals are added

Having just saw the roadmap news including something about a new biome, I hope that we also get new animals that are specially made for certain biomes as well. Some ideas include that the Sahara biome can have the Gazelle, Warthog, and Hyena replace the Deer, Boar, and Wolf respectively. There can also be the Lion being added as well, which can have a 50% chance of replacing the Wolf and Hyena on the Mediterranean and Sahara Biomes respectively. A new herdable animal would also be good as well and perhaps it can be the Goat, which replaces the Sheep on certain Biomes. Overall, new animals would definitely be a good thing because it can add variety to the current selection of animals that there is right now.


Huntables have tons of options that could be added.

Boar probably needs to remain as something that is haram. Warthog, like you said, is a good example.

Herdables are more limited I think since they have to bound after scouts and not look ridiculous. I agree, goats are a good option.

Yes, of course the Boar is going to remain prohibited to the Islamic civilizations. Warthog would also be prohibited to Islamic civilizations as well because the Warthog comes from the same family of species as the Boar as both, the Boar and Warthog are pig-type species.

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