If the Americans were in AoE2 [JOKE POST]

July Fourth is just around the corner, and you know what that means. Why should the Old World have all the fun? It’s time for the Americans to have their turn in the spotlight!


Anyway, now that we have the disclaimers out of the way, let’s get into the civ concept. Keep in mind that while the concept is a joke, its execution is not. I am taking it just as seriously as I would any other civ concept. This means that historical accuracy, balance, originality, and a unified identity are all very important elements to this concept, as with any other. Let’s get into the meat of it:

The Americans represent the European colonists in the Northeast North America and Virginia regions, starting from 1607 with the founding of Jamestown all the way to 1776, the official start date of the country with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This means that America, in its infancy, is only 9 years removed from the latest event represented in AoE2, Noryang Point, which is pretty crazy to think about.

The Americans are a gunpowder civilization, which makes a lot of sense considering its prominence at that time, and they have the Western European architecture set, like their predecessors the Britons, though they have a unique castle based on Fort Ticonderoga. Their Wonder is Independence Hall, former State Capitol of Pennsylvania and the location of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. If you’re wondering why it isn’t the Statue of Liberty, that’s too late for the civilization timeline I’ve created.

Let’s get into their civ bonuses.

Civilization Bonuses

  • Lumberjacks drop off +15%

When the American colonies were first founded, the vast majority of the land was covered in forests. This was especially true in places like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia. The majority of buildings at the time were made out of logs, similar to the Feudal Age architecture for Eastern Europe.

  • Hand Cannoneers +30% accuracy

By the time Europeans colonized America, guns had progressed to the point where they were far more accurate than the very early prototypes, though they were still noticeably inaccurate, particularly at long distances.

  • Bombard Cannons -2 minimum range, don’t damage friendly units

Artillery cannons were also far more common at this time, and were more effectively used in combat than in earlier periods.

  • Can build Blockhouse

Blockhouses were single-building fortifications that allowed defenders to fire shots in multiple directions. They were commonly used in North America during the colonial period, and were often made of wood.

  • Team bonus: Chemistry researched 100% faster

Of course, gunpowder weaponry was already commonplace by the time America was settled, so it doesn’t make sense to have to wait around the same amount of time as everyone else to gain access to something you’ve already had for years.

Unique Unit 1: Minuteman

  • This unit is essentially a quickly-created and faster-moving Hand Cannoneer, also with a much lower frame delay, making it easier to micro. It also has a higher attack and is marginally cheaper than Hand Cannoneers. However, to compensate, it has less armor and HP.

  • Minutemen were militiamen from New England who fought in the Revolutionary War. When called upon, they could quickly gather their equipment and be ready for action in a minute, hence their name. They learned guerrilla warfare from the natives, giving them an advantage over the numerically-superior British forces.

Unique Unit 2: Musketeer

  • This is a unique upgrade for the Hand Cannoneer. In addition to better accuracy from the civ bonus, it has an extra 5 HP and 3 more attack, as well as +1 of each armor. It also gets an extra +3 vs infantry. The upgrade costs 500 food, 500 gold.

Unique Building: Blockhouse

  • This building is a fortification similar to the Krepost, having the same size, but it has considerably less HP, armor, and attack. To compensate for this, it costs 450 wood and 100 stone, so more resources than the Krepost, but much more affordable on stone cost. Like the Krepost, it cannot research anything, and can create the unique unit, but once the Imperial Age is reached and Chemistry is researched, it can also train Hand Cannoneers/Musketeers and Bombard Cannons.

Unique Techs
Star Fort: Towers, Castles, and Blockhouses +5 attack vs cavalry and siege; fire Hand Cannoneer projectiles

  • Cost: 575 food, 200 stone

  • This technology makes fortifications significantly better against siege, one of their biggest weaknesses, and makes raids significantly less potent against the Americans. The Americans do not have Arrowslits due to the fact that they did not use arrows for fortifications, so this technology somewhat makes up for it. Plus, it cosmetically makes affected buildings shoot bullets instead of arrows, which can be pretty intimidating.

  • Star-shaped forts date back to the early modern period. Their shape helped them resist gunpowder weaponry due to the sharp angles. There are many examples of star-shaped forts in the United States; three famous examples are Fort Mifflin, Fort Ticonderoga, and Fort Wood, which the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal now stands upon.

Colonial Regulars: Minutemen and Hand Cannoneers/Musketeers gain blast damage

  • Cost: 700 food, 300 gold

  • This technology makes Hand Cannoneers and Minutemen very effective against clumped-up units. This can be useful against archers or other ranged units, as they tend to clump up more than other units. Skirmishers will still be an effective counter due to their cost effectiveness, especially when in staggered formation to reduce the blast damage.

  • The Colonial Army just before and during the Revolutionary War trained regulars, a permanent ground force as opposed to militiamen. They were trained in more conventional warfare tactics as opposed to simply guerrilla warfare. This would’ve included standard stand-and-fire tactics employed by the British.

Tech Tree

Missing Units: Champion, Eagle line, Arbalester, Elephant Archer line, Cavalry Archer, Paladin, Camel line, Battle Elephant line, Steppe Lancer line, Siege Ram, Siege Onager, Heavy Scorpion, Fast Fire Ship.

Missing Techs: Gambesons, Squires, Parthian Tactics, Redemption, Atonement, Theocracy, Hoardings, Plate Mail Armor, Bracer, Arrowslits, Two-Man Saw, Stone Shaft Mining, Shipwright.

As a postscript, I want to again reiterate that this is not a serious concept, though the execution is serious. I don’t wish to receive comments criticizing the anachronism of the civ, as I am well aware of that. I wanted to do something special both as a thought experiment and a premature celebration of July Fourth.


Great stuff, though i think the castle age UT should be “Imperial Units” - Units walk faster because our tiles are 1.6x bigger.


Each university research costs 1000 gold and 10 gold every 10 seconds after being researched. Each tech that benefits healing costs 1500 gold.

University randomly spawns gunpowder units that attack your own units


Now, now, let’s try to avoid making comments that might be considered inflammatory. Also, let’s try to make semi-serious suggestions, despite this being a joke post.

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I mean, if you wanted to replace one of the UUs for the Photonman so that way you can reference the modern day Space Force with a badass explosive unit, you could definitely do that.

If I wanted to make it less historical and more awesome, I could do that. But I wanted to make something that could plausibly exist in an AoE2-type game if it had a different setting.

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That’s fair honestly. I’m just trying to pitch a fun idea for the premise lol.

As far as historical, I’d like to propose a change to the Minuteman idea; instead of having them be a separate unit, how about an imperial UT that allows villagers to switch forms into minutemen, like the ratha switches forms. It would be rather appropriate for the concept of the unit imo.

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And I appreciate it! It just kinda didn’t fit.

I dunno, that might be too much. It’s a creative idea, but there are plenty of other militia-type units that don’t have that capability, so it might be more consistent if I leave it the way it is. If I expanded the timeline past 1776, I might be inclined to do it, and have the Gatling Gun as the main UU, but given the concept I’m doing, I can’t really see anything other than the Minuteman being the main UU, since that’s like the most famous element of Revolutionary America.

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I wonder if people consider americans as a european civi or meso civi?

I feel having access to eagles would be a good way of showing the native auxiliaries they used.


Interesting thought. Considering the architecture and culture, they’d probably be considered a European civ. Of course, it’s a bit of a gray area.

Intriguing idea, but Eagles look a bit too regional-specific to be fitting for America. On the other hand, the bald eagle is the national bird for America…

Again, fair.

While yes, you are right, remember that the other militia types also typically went around on mercenary work, actually becoming military companies at times; whereas the minutemen were literally just the civilian population and former French-Indian War Veterans drilled to be a rapid response force. I think it’d fit personally, but I can agree to disagree on it, no big deal.

I actually quite like the idea of Eagle Warriors being available to the Americans, if for nothing else the reference to the eagle. However, you could also easily implement the Iroquois Warrior unit as a stand in for the native auxiliaries as well. Yes, I do know that the Iroquois themselves mostly allied with the British, but there were some tribes that stuck with the Americans iirc.

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This is actually a really good point that does make a major difference. However, I’m concerned that having villagers that can switch back and forth between soldiers or themselves might be difficult to balance. And again, I’m not entirely sure what I’d have as the main UU in that case. So your idea is very valid, but I’m just concerned about its practicality. This may be a joke post, but the concept itself is something I’m taking seriously, so I don’t want to just throw something at the wall to see if it sticks.

Yes, it’s an interesting concept for sure, even if it’s a bit goofy. The reference to the eagle is cool, but it might look really out of place among early modern units.

Now this is a really good idea, and if the unit is done well, it could make up for the lack of Champion. And the Gurjaras started the precedent of three UUs, so the Americans can also have three if necessary.

Considering that the Americans as outlined in this concept mostly represent pre-independence British colonists, that’s not really a problem.

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Maybe the Minuteman could be a UU that can be trained from the TC but will convert 10 villagers to Minuteman every time you click the train.

Rangers seems to be a good idea for a UU as well.

If I were to design this civi I will give a second UT in the imperial age to show they have gone beyond the medieval era.UT will be something that affects trading and farming.


This is such a bizzare bonus imo. Don’t get me wrong, I like the civ concept, but this is totally useless. Nobody actually uses infantry for destroying buildings. I would change this to cavalry. That will at least stop hussar raids and give the civ a bit of raiding protection.

The only situation where this is actually good is against eagles. That would be a dark nod to history, and a bit funny.

This is a big no-no. You can’t make a unit counter its counter unit. Skirms are the trash counter to HCs and archer lines, this tech breaks that.

Duly noted. I’ll probably change it, even if doing so makes it a little less historical. Balance must come first.

I probably overstated its effect. It might not be good against skirms after all, because they’re much cheaper, have a bonus, and have much more accuracy. It would still be good against other clumped-up units, like archers.

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Yeah, it’ll be fine as long as skirms counter them well. The exact numbers can be tweaked for that.

So, this seems like a civ that shines during late castle, and imperial age to me. That is also appropriate, considering the development of the USA.
However, they really lack anything to get them there except the early wood bonus. Granted, that is a really strong bonus. It is strictly better than the Celt bonus, and is more useful than the Dravidian bonus over time. It might be worth considering if another early-mid game bonus might be helpful. I wouldn’t say that it is necessary by any means, though.

As it is, I think it’ll make a good closed map civ, and a pretty decent team game civ. This is one of the better designed civs I’ve seen on here, so good job!

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Yup, the Americans were absent for the entire Middle Ages, as everyone knows, so having them shine only in the later stages of the game is entirely appropriate.

I don’t want to overdo it too much. Late-game civs are perfectly fine, and this is meant to be kind of similar to the Turks and Bohemians in terms of playstyle. The wood bonus helps with an archer or tower rush, but other than that, it’s mostly meant to help with getting BBCs out in large numbers.

I don’t know how to feel about that. It’s obviously good that a civ of mine is well-designed, but it was meant to be a joke and more of a thought experiment than a serious suggestion. I guess even then, my ability to design civs still shines through. I’ll take the compliment, of course, but it’s a bit surreal knowing that one of my best concepts is intended to be a joke.

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The second unique tech in the Imperial age should be the Second Amendment. When activated it basically turns all your villagers into hand cannoniers while at the same time being able to still construct buildings and gather resources as normal.

A true American civ would be no archers or melee units. Just all guns, including villagers. Luring boar and deer impossible because the villager’s gun just kills them and loses all the meat. American villager speed is 50% slower because they’re all so overweight and they get 10% slower with every age up because they’re so gassed out. Unique tech would be Arabian Oil which calls in the air force on the Arabia map to drop bombs on the enemy because they’ve struck oil.


All that gunpowder as you stated is general for the world for that era, it is not specific to the usa.
Instead i would rather suggest ‘a covered wagon’ as unique unit, it is a mobile resource-drop off location and villagers can garrison in it. Honestly this would even more make it sound like the Bohemians… so similar.
Another idea, maybe give them a villager that costs gold, and as a starting bonus let them see all the gold mines on the map?