If the Byzantines get added, which civ should they pair up with?

Maybe it could be named Italian City States? Selecting city states for different unique units, buildings, techs, etc could be the civ’s main mechanic. This could be tied to aging up with more than 2 landmark choices, each landmark representing a city state.

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For that you call it simply Italians and ready…

Good idea. Technically, we now have a Civ with similar characteristics, “China”, or even HRE, with have many dynasties or many countries.

The “State cities of Italy” many times fight along other countries or beetween them.

And don’t worry about unique units, because all Italian city-states had one thing in common: MERCENARIES. Yes, they all waged war with armies of mercenaries, led by the so-called Condottieri. And not only Italian mercenaries, they also bought mercenaries from other nations, such as France (Charlemagne and later the French kings), Normandy (the Pope asked them to help him recover Sicily), and many HRE kingdoms, when they were on good terms.

In fact, that could just be their characteristic trait: Their base units don’t have any unique tech, like if they have the Rus with cavalry or HRE with infantry, but they can create an upgraded, mercenary version on the 3rd screen (just like the Mongols with their X2 units), costs more gold ### ## ######### Example:

  • spearman → Swiss guard
  • man-at-arms → Early Man-at-arms (You can recruit them In Dark Age or Feudal Age)
  • archer → British longbowmen
  • crossbowman → Genoese crossbowmen, with the paves shield (Unique unit)
  • Horseman-> Hungarian hussar or Spanish “Jinete”
  • Knight → French Royal Knight

This represents the historical help that Charlemagne’s France, the HRE, Normandy, England, and other countries with Christian kings contributed to defending the Papal States… and the city states of Italy, if they paid enough. Even in the crusades, the italian city states uses mercenaries as support troops.

If you want to represent the papal guard, have a lot of Swiss guard, if you want to represent Venice, recruit a lot of Genose crossbowmen.

Unique units:

  • Genoese Crossbowmen: His mercenary unique unit is the Genoese crossbowmen, a crossbowman with 3/3 heavy armor, paves shield, and anti-cavalry bonus… or better attack (12/15 → 14/18).
  • Arquitect: commercial unit, has an aura that improve the construcction an repair ability of villagers by 100%. When he is not building he can work as a village (as any other unemployed arquitect, jaja).
  • Bishop: Religious unit, priest with more HP. As the prelate, he can bless, but not units but buildings, which intensifies the production of units, technologies or resource collection. The blessing lasts 1 minute, has a cowldown of 30 seconds.
  • Galleass: Naval unit with firepower… yes, the French Galleass were build in Italy, so it become a common unit. The disadvantage of Italians is that they dont have the unique technology “long guns”, remember that french have betters cannons. The good part is that one Landmark Building is a port. and italians are a maritime civ… but that would be for another post.

Unique building:

  • Bologna Tower: Defensive outpoust with more HP, lower cost (75 wood) and can be upgrades 2 times, with more upgrades more line of sight. Visually is a very tall tower, and with more upgrades, more tall. Can watch over forest (yes, they are very tall). History: Maybe were the huns who terrify the italian enough to build too many tower, or maybe were the rich families who wantes to presume over others, but Bologna have more than 100 towers, INSIDE the city, and each of them are very tall. The are still high in another italian cities, included Tuscany, Luca (Torre Guinigi), San Gimignano, and dont forget the campanaries of churchs, the most famous The Tower of Pisa (Yes, is a Church’s campanary).

Unique Technologies: Papal Guard: Swiss guard gains +2 attack/30 HP/etc.


lmao you created the most degenerate tower rush civ

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I think Northman or Hungarians


If I were picking, the next two would be something southeast Asian, like Khmer, and then either Byzantines or Danes in some form.

Japan needs to be in this game

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