If The Frank Bonus Was Just Free Bloodlines?

If the Franks didn’t get the 20% HP bonus to their Cavalry, what other bonus would you give them?

Let’s say in this what if scenario the Frank’s Cavalry bonus was just simply free bloodlines. But it also came with some other buff. So, they have weaker cavalry, but are stronger in someplace else. It has been the same case since the Age of Kings in this scenario.

This would mean their scout rush would be even harder to fight against with your own scouts as the Franks would get 65HP (instead of 54HP) scouts instantly when hitting Feudal Age.
Personally I would nerf them by moving the HP bonus to Castle Age. I’m fine with them having so many eco bonuses, that’s kind of their thing. But having a really strong early military bonus in addition to that is a bit much.

free bloodlines? It’s a buff for 1v1.

the 20% bonus hp is:

  • weaker than bloodlines on scout and ligth cav. (-11 hp on scout, - 8hp on ligth cav)
  • the same for knight
  • a bit stronger on cavalier (+4 hp)
  • stronger on paladin (+ 12 hp)

But paladin are rarely used on 1v1, so free bloodlines would be a buff overall. Franks have a bad ligth cav compare to other civ. With a freebloodlines instead of +20% it would be one of the best. Yes you lack hussard, but you get +40% creation time speed.