If they ever do a Spanish civ


If they were to do a Spanish civ, like Kingdom of Castile or so. It would be cool if their knights in the later stages (perhaps an imperial age tech) became conquistadors with a charged pistol attack instead of the lance. So they would basicly have a very small range charged lance attack, to later switch to a sword.

And perhaps something like an early handcannoneer in castle age.

Something like that would be pretty cool, thinking mostly about fun little gameplay mechanics. Obviously there would have to be more than this. But a few ideas.

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There is no real historical basis to give Spanish early handcannoneer, and pistols are pretty anachronistic to AOE4, so I don’t think those really fit. If there were a Spanish civ I would like to see it include Jinetes (javelin throwing Horsemen), and a late-game spear + firearm bonus. (for example a technology called ‘Tercios’ which could increase HC melee armor when close to a spearman or something ). These would be much more historically appropriate.


Actually it isn’t, some of the earliest wheel lock pistols are from about 1530.

Thematically fun and there is actually no real historical basis for them not to! Since most civs end at about 1550, the handcannoneer is actually using a rather old firearm.

This would be more common by the “Imperial Age”. So it wouldn’t be uncalled for and would give it a more gunpowder civ feeling, along with halberdiers or pikes.

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You shouldn’t conflate “some of the earliest” with “used in combat to a significant degree”. And even if you did, in that case it should be HRE who gets them, since the German/Dutch Reiters were the first known specialists of this (and even so this was late 16th century, beyond the current HRE timeline).

The historical reason to not give Spanish early hand cannoneers would be that it would be silly for them to have them while the Chinese or other, earlier adopters don’t. There is no reason to attribute “gunpowder civ” to Spain other than that’s the way they are portrayed in AoE2 due to some sort of romanticized “guns vs arrows” narrative with the Aztecs. In reality, the guns they would have had were not of great quality and their crossbows would have been more effective in the humid environment anyway (ironic considering they don’t even get Xbow in AoE2)


I don’t conflate anything here, if they are by the earliest 1530, there is still at the very least 20+ years in the games latest timeline.

For both of these, one doesn’t exclude the others, if there were to be something like a reiter, it could probably be fitting to have it be more of a permanent gunpowder cavalry unit, as they are specialists. But then again HRE already have their uniques.

Having a charged pistol shot for a conquistador type unit doesn’t detract from that in any way and it makes for a unique knight-type.

Same as with the other, but arguably less important as they could just as well have a pike/halberdier unique unit and get a solid handcannoneer/arguebusier in the imperial age.


Where did you find these images?

Do you mean the one in the original post, as in this?

^ These are my own 3D models


There is actually a historical basis. The spanish (Aragonese) were the first european nation to extensively use gun powder in their armies. In fact, it was Gonzalo de Cordoba who first adopted the arquebus as a very important part of his army, giving way to the creation of modern warfare, during the italian wars.(He is even considered today as “the father of the Tercios”.)


Oh, very good work, mate. Is this Essence Engine or Unreal?

Unity actually, Thank you very much.

Would you able to do something similar with Aoe4 editor? You could release a mod.

Hi as a modder we cannot import custom assets yet , but devs have already confirmed they are going to make changes on the state tree so this could partially mean we could add 3d assets soon


Btw hey link! I think you remember me from the old days on the aoe discord , im from spain and your concept is actually good .

But here is what i could add.

Starting off spain would be a civilization on its own , wich will include the kingdom of asturias , leon , castille , aragon and finally late imperial what we could call “spain”.

Dark age : selected kingdom : asturias. Spain can age up ONLY with the tc , but they still can build their landmarks , but the dont provide any age up bonus . every age has a landmark . so only 4 landmarks for spain . If they age up with the tc they can change their “kingdom” with their dark age “landmark” , so then you would have leon!

Asturias kingdom provides : Access of the early reconquista bonus , every battle you win (at least more than 10 soldiers) to be considered battle gives you 100 of each material . Scouts also can use pikes instead of swords or bows , but they are much slower.

Feudal age : you have access to the spanish mill , it works like a mill on aoe3 , infinite food and you can add multiple villagers to it . The technologies here are much slower to be researched but the time it takes to gather food is faster.

You have access to the horseman , archer and some pikes.

Leon kingdom provides : mid reconquista bonus : every building of an enemy destroyed gives you 50 of each resource but your troops are faster .

Castle age : you have access to the knight , the archer , early arcabuz (handcanonner but with lower damage and health and lower attack speed but much more faster) , and you have access to the inquisitors , they heal as twice the speed and they cost more . You also have access to the hacienda , wich lets you train some tax collectors but you cannot inspire buildings to boorst their training time neither multiply gather rates.

In castle age you can select now from two kingdoms , instead of being forced to only one kingdom at each age .

Kingdom of Castille : spanish keeps are abviable as its own , cheaper keeps , low health , defense buildings are cheaper and it unlocks an special building that acts as a troop trainer but you have to look for gold to make 2 units in the time of one . like the mongol ovoo . It also lets you upgrade to “early tercios” wich are spearmans but they are OP .

Kingdom of Aragon : It lets you every naval boat and every naval upgrade to be free for a limited time , then you have to wait to aply the same boost or advance to the imperial age to use the bonus again and change to the kingdom of spain . wood rates and food rates are increased by 30% and gold looses its importance , since every unit in game cost only wood and food , but their cost its highly higher .
It also lets you aply for the late reconquista bonus

late reconquista bonus : every unit you kill will be a free unit you can make of the same type + every enemy unit you kill gives you a bit of everything (resources)

Imperial age : You have access to the university , tercios recruiment building and the Late hacienda .

The late hacienda lets you transtion from the old haciendas to this new building wich lets you gather every resource in game but in a more slower pace , works like the aoe3 mexican/spanish hacienda . They cannot make soldiers tho in the hacienda.

The tercios recruiment building lets you make 4 tercios pikeman at the same time BUT you have to expend as many resources it would take as normal . But its worth the cost.

Spain kingdoms offer : Tercios upgrade , it unlocks their special unit (early tercios are just an upgrade of spearman) but Tercios are a unit on its own , able to pick from melee atack with swords , change to early arcabuces , or be spearmans on its own . with specials abilities and more!

It also unlocks arcabuces and bonuses at mining the furthest gold you have from your TC .


I would love to have the Spanish. I love them in AOE2

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You are completely wrong.

It is true that it is not known if the arquebus is German or Spanish, but in the 14th century there is already data on Castilian arquebusiers.

In the year 1503 Battle of Ceriñola, Gonzalo Fernández de Cordoba introduces the arquebuses, later creating the tercios.


And you need to read. I wasn’t referring to arquebuses. I was referring to pistoleers. I even said in my original post that I DO think Spanish should get a bonus relating to Pikes + arquebuses/firearms.

Having a late game charged pistol attack replacing the lance but still being a melee-centric unit. Doesn’t make it a pistoleer. It would still only be a unique knight.

A dedicated pistoleer new unique unit would still be on the table in that case.

Had some fun creating a “What would an imperial age arquebusier look like”. Don’t mind the weapon that much, didn’t spend too much time on it!

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Me gusta mucho el arcabucero con los doce apóstoles en el cuello pero yo dejaría el casco morrión para los piqueros y que el arcabucero se vea así: