If Thumb Ring Just Made Archers Fire Faster?

If Thumb Ring just made archers fire faster? Realistically speaking, I seriously doubt you would hit your target 100% of the time even if said target was not moving from a large distance away. Just because an archer has a thumb ring doesn’t mean he has a laser scope sniper rifle with AI-assisted aim. The average human is not like the elf Legolas either from LOTR.

As a consequence this will heavily nerf archers. But we have plenty of people crying about archers being OP (when they could just make skirmishers) when compared to champions and other melee units. How much stronger would melee units become if this was the case?

Granted this could make archer civs totally horrible and weak. Without some other buff to offset this nerf.


Yeah not a fancof this idea at all. You’d have to rebalance any civ with thumb ring

Yeah. It would kind of ruin it. Since melee units 1v1 will always win vs archer units up close if you factor in population efficiency. A Paladin will always kill an arbalest 1v1. The same case for a champion.

kind of already does this, its really difficult to get enough arbs to actually not make this the case.

atm the open maps more than likely favour cavalry civs. and once you learn to use mangos properly archers become a lot less of a threat, especially when you get onagers with siege engineers.

so as it stands archers actually almost need a buff in many cases.

with things like siege ram + halbs, or halbs + onager or just plain paladin just rofl stomping arbs especially on a pop efficiency basis…

so while i would like to see the 100% accuracy of archers reduced by like 5 or 10 %, as well as the stacking, they would need buffing in other fields to make up for it…


nah, many top civs rely on archers and do just fine. archers don’t need buffs atm.


i agree. thumb ring should just include fire rate.

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Don’t archers already have a base accuracy of something like 90% anyway? Not sure it would be all that much of a change and imagine most people get thumb ring for the fire rate anyway.

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Not CA. Who would get ruined as a result of this range. Unless you give them the same base accuracy as foot archer but then there is the that problem everyone wanted a frame delay buff (despite said frame delay being the same as ever) and got it. You can imagine giving them an accuracy buff would get problematic.

Actually, with thumb ring it is likely to overkill a unit. Having non 100% accuracy may in some case increase the overall DPS by dealing dmg to adjacent units in addition to the targeted one. Like massed arambais atm are like a fast-moving mangonel

yeah i would say thumb ring helps earlier in the game when you want to snipe knights one at a time, and then later on the accuracy is possibly detrimental in some cases, but still works because when you patrol your arbs will hit every single target they shoot at, instead of trying to micro down 1 and over kill it…

Not only archer civs, but cav archer civs too. Cavalry Archers are horrible without Thumb Ring since they have base 50% accuracy, and civs without it don’t tech into HCA. And the only Parthian Tactics civs that don’t have TR are Khmer and Burmese, but you don’t see them playing with CA often anyways.