If War Elephants costs 2 pop?

I seen guys wanting elephants cost 2 pop space. When it’s a bad unit in most games. So, they want a unit that’s already bad even worse?

So, if it costs 2 pop space, but has 1200 base HP without bloodlines. (1220 with bloodlines) In other words, 2 times the hint points to make up for costing 2 population space. Would that be agreeable? Otherwise, no. I object to this idea completely. How strong would elephants be with 1200 base HP? Same cost for the unit/upgrades etcetera.

I believe that would make them fair. I have seen a number of guys on these forms somehow wanting War Elephants to cost 2 pop space when they are bad units in 1v1, and only ever seen in boomerfest team games (slow, non-rush games) of black forest with lots of trade in the late game.

Not sure if I agree with this or not, seems like they’d be pretty much invincible to anything other than monks and haberdiers. Hypothetically, if they were to become 2 pop and need a buff, I’d say just remove the Elephant armor class so they take the same bonus damage from spears as any other cavalry. This effectively doubles their health in that matchup, without buffing elephants more against camels, knights, champions, or archers.


2 pop units should be left to be used by another civis uu.Why change a 22 year old unit to make few people happy?

I don’t want it either. But I’ve seen some really annoying posts wanting this sort of thing.

The only unit that has ever taken 2 pop slots in games using that engine is the cruiser from SWGB, which is a real monster when it comes to firepower (imagine ethiopian torsion ICBMs with the “going above and beyond” cheat, that also flies so it ignores terrain and may only be attacked by select few units…)

Elephants are fine as they are, losing on the long run against halbs (which they have a harder time to avoid than cavalry would, because of their slow speed) and their main counter happening to be similar to their real life counter : converting them works like making them panic to stampede their own lines.