If War Elephants had 1200 HP

Elite War Elephants have 1200 HP (bloodlines gives them 20 more HP, so it’s 1220) But cost a lot more. How deadly would these units be in massed numbers if you had the opportunity? Post IMP, full upgrades etcetera.

How deadly would a horde of 1220 HP War Elephants be coming at you. Let’s say 100 of them, backed up with other units. Would these super Elephants be unstoppable?

elephants have 300hp, max 650hp, but ok…

Monks will be more important. Elephants with such HP would be OP if in mass.


depends on the cost

the absolute tankiness would probably make the unit more viable imo
however if the enemy has monks then whoopsie!

they dont need more hp , they are already unstoppable