If we are done arguing about graphics then, check this out

…here’s something that is more important:


Yeah, I’m quite bore too about complaints about graphic.

  • DLC it’s a good idea - maybe extra civilizzations?
  • I’m not a fan of lootboxes or things like that I prefer games with everythig obtainable in game. But this is the era of Skins so I do expect to see some sort of costumizzation for both profile and in-game. An account progression with unlocable things. Nothing Play2Win or Pay2Win just/purely cosmetic: aka banners/stendards and more.
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I don’t know what some of my age friends here in this forum are saying. Live audience liked it, the twitter went crazy, critics praised it, youtubers went nuts, pro Age of Empires (who frankly live Age of empires 365 days) said they love how it looks…you can all google this. I didn’t make this up. Majority liked it.

Plus here is one of my early posts comparing games people say “Oh AgeIV looks like that game!!!”

Gameplay is where whole franchise hangs, if they mess that up, then oh boy!

LOL, thanks for pointing out. I moved it to the correct forum. Glad I did this before mods close the post altogether :slight_smile:

This is not EA. This will be the maximum disaster.

I can flagging you for personal attack.