If we should be lucky enough to get DLCs after Dawn of the Dukes, I hope Forgotten Empires will venture outside of Europe

Guess the majority is unreasonable people and so are the devs :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Well… yes. Hence Brexit happened, Trump was president and there are Covid Deniers, but I diagress.

Anyway, the game is currently barely playable and they should focus on making it fun before releasing further DLC’s.

We can’t properly Restore, we don’t have Save and Exit, no Spectator Chat, Battle Royale is dead, No Ranked Lobby System, Broken TG Elo (Inflated), Unbalanced Civs still (Mayans, Franks), Trushing is Troll now and so many more issues (A lot of people still can’t play since Anniversary Update + dozens of Disconnects)


Lol are you constantly facing those? Both have been nerfed several times.


Both? Franks maybe but Mayans were mostly Bugfixes and a better Castle UT

El Dorado takes longer to research, Plumes more expensive, No more Obsidian Arrows, No Supplies…


You’re talking to a guy who says laming should be removed because it’s a war crime in real life yet doesn’t complain about killing villagers or fishing ships or trade units, burning down houses, etc.


I suggest a Swahili-Somalis DLC:

Swahili Assegai Spearman:

Swahili Mtepe Ship:
Swahili Husuni Kubwa Wonder:

Somali Cavalry Unique Unit:

Somali Malakh:

Somali Almnara Tower Wonder:


I would rather go with Somalis + maybe Nubians. Ethiopians could represent Nubians but I think Nubians are historically much more influenced by the mediterranean

To be honest, if we’re going Africa and we’re not going to get a new set, I’d like to see one civ for each region if it’s a two civ DLC, so e.g. Yoruba/Haussa/Kanembu for West/Middle Africa and Swahili/Somalians.

If we’re going to get new architecture sets in the future, which I really hope, I would love to see South/Central Africa covered with civs like Kongolese, Zimbabweans/Monomotapans though I wonder if we’ll ever see some major expansions again.

Swahili interacted with India which is a big plus too.


My problem with Swahili is that theres not much info about their military or military history as far as I know. We know much more about everyone else´s military on Africa than about them

I heard about some unique ship for the Swahili:

About Foot soldiers, I honestly don’t know much to be honest. The Portuguese civ mod had some kind of Infantry unit, though I couldn’t finy any sources to be honest. It was called Malakh as far as I know and a rapidly firing Hand cannoneer if I’m not wrong.

I made a Swahili concept a while ago:


The Malakh is actually a Somali title. The Portuguese civ mod UU was called Moran I think, and the civ had an invented niche because there wasnt much to use for this


Considering the civs in the past actually were supposed to represent broad areas and not specific entities, it made sense to have some Somali aspects within a Swahili civ

Now with the Burgundians and Sicilians, I don’t know what the devs are exactly thinking.

I think it makes more sense to do the oposite tbh. Maybe use Persians, Saracens or Zimbabweans to represent them instead

Or just Somalis I guess

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To be honest, if we’re supposed to get even more civs, I hope the underused architecture sets and tech tree niches like Eagle Warriors and Battle Elephants will get some love.

Anyway, good night everyone.


I would go with:
Zimbabweans, Kongolese
They didn’t use Cavalry, so a regional Infantry unit would be nice
Swahili, Somalis
Both were Muslims, also they ruled the Indian ocean trade
Songhai, Mossi
The Songhai come with their big enemies
Hausa, Kanembu
Big enemies of each other, neighbours

There are some civs left: Yoruba, Igbo, Ashanti, Senegalese, Uganda, Benin, Funj, Daju, Fulani etc.

I’d add a Yoruba civ that covers Benin, Igbo and every Yoruba state.
The Ashanti should be a aoe3 civ probably. Funj+Daju probably make sense as an umbrella civilization. Uganda and Senegalese could be good too. Fulani is more aoe3 imo.


If you want you can still come back and play AoE2 HD, no one forces you to play DE

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I would consider exchanging Swahili for Nubians and Mossi for Yoruba. I agree with everything else though

Someone remind me pls, honest question, how many civ slots are left?