If you garrison a villager in a TC after having it hunt boar, and then return to work, it should shoot the boar

This is just something I find really annoying. I lure the boar. The villager runs under the TC, where I typically garrison it. The other villagers shoot the boar. I return to work on the TC. The villager hops out and stands stupidly around until the boar is killed. Ideally, it should hop out, and shoot the boar again, because that was it’s previous task. What do people think?


Villager doing what did you order after he/she hops out. Your last order is not shoot the boar but run to you tc So he/she doing it right:)

Lazy villagers, always hiding from boars.

True, maybe if hunters attack boar nearby when they return to work?

Forget that, when will villagers stop trying to 1v1 boars if they weren’t clicked specifically to run away. Just because hes a shepherd now doesn’t mean he wants to fight for his life with the wilderness.

Under no circumstances, zero possible reasons for it, why would I ever want my vil to stop and fight the boar? Ever