If you played rated in the zone drop your AKA

RuSH_ aka Rob
#1 Rated back in the day in rated lobbies drop your names! welcome back 8)

any one remember any of these boys
Mark - Chad - Jim bob-

About which year you mentioned?

@CitrineAgenda54 said:
About which year you mentioned?

2001 - closing of zone

Anyone remember Sick Clan?

i was a deathmatch player SD clan, Burning clan Heaven clan. those were the best

too bad ranked AoE didnt last very long. I was soo good

i remember :slight_smile:

Played 2 accounts on MSN gaming zone.

Main account was Choson1 or TheChoson1 been that long I cant remember.

Was very high skill on DM Cho war / Wonder war scene.

RM was mid / high.

@Tz0001 said:
Anyone remember Sick Clan?

Yep, I was a late bloomer though, started on zone only during 2004-2005.
Hello from wAsTeD clan

The only guy I remember hanging out in the rated lobbies would be Knave or something along those lines (Knaved for example) with underscores involved. I was not Knave. My memory is awful.

Oh boy I remember a lot of these names. I think I played under “fate”?? Geez that was sooo long ago!

PS - I think his name was _KnavEr…