If you subscribed the AOK Main Menu mod

Your game won’t start, please edit this file :
C:\Users\UserName\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\UserID\mods\mod-status.json, and set the value to false for the field “Enabled” of the AOK Main Menu mod.

{“CheckSum”:“0”,“Enabled”: false ,“LastUpdate”:“1583427499733”,“Path”:“subscribed//3738_The Age of Kings Main Menu”,“Priority”:3,“PublishID”:0,“Title”:“The Age of Kings Main Menu”,“WorkshopID”:3738}

I’m sorry that it troubled you, I will update my mod soon.

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Suggestions to AOE official :
Game should check the log of last launching to make sure which mod caused the crash, and then disable that troubling mod before launching another time.

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Does this mod work now? I’d really like to try it, looks great!

problem is not everyone know how to read the log and understand it. maybe write a simple guide with steps on how to do it?

That mod looks great. Update this post when it’s fixed, I’d love to try it out :slight_smile: