If you were to integrate Knights Hospitallers into AOE2 which CIV would it be?

I was thinking more of the Hospitallers as a defensive gunpowder civilization, with a good Cavalry unique unit, and strong navy. They were famous for inflicting horrific casualties on the Ottomans by making early use of bastions and other gunpowder related defensive measures. They simply lacked numbers.

Go play AoE3 for Ottomans and Hospitallers. This game is about medieval age before gunpowder and bastions.

Even though they are totally undeserving they still added fucking Maltese as it’s own civilization.

Bastions saw development in the 15th century (Late Middle Ages) but became as you know them in the 16th.

And the middle ages ends at around 15th century.

There are numerous placements, such as the Fall of Constantinople, but there is a consensus that they ended by the 16th century. The fall of the Romans led to a swift movement in the Greek lands to preserve their works in southern Italy, and those manuscripts would fire up the Rennaissance, and ultimately the Reformation.

And thus it does not belong to AoE2, it belongs to AoE3 and it already has it.

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Hospitallers and Templars as units in the AoE2 scenario editor is based
Hospitallers and Order of Christ as their own civs in AoE2 is unbased

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Agree with some others. Make it scenario editor units


Sure, in fact one could justify a whole lot of nonsense simply by pointing out that it’s not as nonsensical as Woad Raiders. I’d rather that level of nonsense doesn’t become the norm though. (Not that I’m claiming Hospitallers wearing period inappropriate armour is anything like as bad as Woad Raiders.)

I don’t really like the look of the aura, it looks solid and pixelated. I guess they wanted to avoid making it look like magic.

Probably, especially since they used Teutons for Knights Templar as well. They did use Franks and Britons for some of the crusaders though.

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I’ve been saying for awhile that the Middle East is underrepresented and that the Crusader States (Outremers) played a huge role in history during the AOE2 time frame. I’d propose them as a new civ with Hospitallers as the unique unit. Heavily armored infantry that could heal units when not fighting perhaps? The civ could also replace cavalier and paladin with a mounted “Crusader” unit. Bonus damage against camel and cav archers maybe for them.

I’ve thought about possible unique techs and civ bonuses too. Since the Crusades drew people on religious quests to the Mid East, something like military units costing 5% less for each relic (up to 4-5) would be cool. The Crusader States were also central to trade and made money by taxing trade routes, a unique tech that drew a small amount of gold from any player’s market trade might work. A “pilgrimage” unit tech might be something like friendly units near a monastery moving faster. I don’t know. There’s a lot to work with though, and I think it would be an awesome and appropriate civ.

i would love a crusader civ with focus on cav and monks, similar to Lithuanians, with an added twist for their relics. like they do not get bloodlines but every relic adds 10 HP to knight line. that way they could have a unique unit like the Hospitalier or “crusader” with added twists like immunity, or very high resistance, to conversion and bonus vs monks and camels (because they are the unit that speaks “non-european/christian” the most i guess) adding a unique twist. maybe slower than knights to make it more vulnerable to pikes.

and unique feautires like ability to build monastery in feudal age but monks don’t gather relics until castle age, or unique bonuses for monastery buildings and techs and monks

Crusader states dosent really count as a civilization bit its a fun idea to explore.
UU’s should be templars hospitaller and turcoploes.Something like the aoe3 soldiers coming with home city shipments would be cool thing to have.