If you were to integrate Knights Hospitallers into AOE2 which CIV would it be?

Hospitallers units in AOE3 general look really cool imo, I was thinking which CIV could be added with these as their UU.

No major AoE2 civ missing would have them as their UU

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Malta, or Rhodes. They spent time in both as the primary defenders. They were founded in Jerusalem, but that would be a problematic choice. Honestly it would be better just to call them Hospitallers.

Unless you want a Knights Hospitaller/ KoJ/ Outremer/ Crusader civ in AOE2 (which I would recommend against as basically all of those fail the criteria of adding for most civs) I don’t see how the Hospitallers would be able to make it into the game beyond a scenario editor unit.

I would, however, like to see a few Crusade-specific scenario units… for personal reasons.

Both the Maltese and the Rhodesians are part of wider civs (Italians/Sicilians, Byzantines) and the KoJ (who would have to be known as the Outremer in-game) would be a bit problematic conceptually, as you say. Idk about having an entire Order in-game either, especially when at the time it had no real cultural influence beyond the Church that united the members of the Order.


I would integrate them into the Scenario Editor.



Well there you go :joy: add hospitallers to Italians as a 3rd UU. Knight that’s trainable from the monastery. Immune to conversion. Very slow TT (60s) but auto upgrades in imperial to cavalier stats.

Nothing too amazing. Just unique. Follows the condo theme. Follows the “jack of all trades” Italian theme with 1 of each UU.

hospitalarios y inquisidores hacen falta xD

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Why give to just one civi lets give to multiple like franks magyars italians sicilians etc.

Can be a fun meme unit like the flaming camel.

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Give it to Saracens.

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Hospitallers and Templars were French, so maybe Franks?

I would surely add Templar Knights and Hospitallers Knights to the scenario editor (and infantry centurions while we are at it)


Can we give Mamelukes to crusader civs while we’re crossing regions?

AoE3 always looks weird to me (as someone who doesn’t actually play it). Did anyone still use that kind of armour during the AoE3 time period? It looks out of date even for late in the AoE2 time period. And why does he have Maltese crosses floating around his feet? (I mean, it’s nowhere near as confusing as the time they added Ada Lovelace with a huge gun, but still.)

Maltese as a civ with Hospitallers as a unique unit doesn’t really make sense. Firstly, it’s not that the Hospitallers were from Malta - they owned it. But secondly, they didn’t own it until 1530, by which point knights were basically becoming obsolete.

Agreed, maybe as a knight that can also heal.

To be honest, if I was making a scenario with Hospitallers I’d just use red Franks and be done with it. (Although in the official campaigns they are Teutons for some reason.)


Traere una foto del centinela del aoe 3 para que le veas, si el caballero hospitalario para esos años era obsoleto, pero la orden de malta permanecio independiente hasta su conquista en 1797 a manos de napoleon bonaparte, y con respecto a las cruzes que tiene en sus pies, es un aura bonus que cuando esta cerca de edificios aliados gana más velocidad de movimiento, y que esperabas? la saga aoe es muy anacronica en muchas cosas, en aoe 3 estan los aztecas y mexicanos al mismo tiempo.

Centinela Normal



y Imperial (Cualquier parecido con un soldado de infanteria del imperio de la humanidad de Warhammer es mera coincidencia)

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Tuetons were the standin crusader state back then.TK is the only unit that looks close to a crusader.



Genitours are Berber,
Arambais are Burmese.

So Hospitallers are Saracens


Spear throwing cavalry was north african since numidian times.Meitei people are living in modern myanmar.Are those really unfitting as uu’s?

Hospitaller was Middle Eastern.

Dohmey amazons a.k.a gbeto are iberian.

Huskarl was Anglo-Saxon in German Goth Iberia.