IGC Models

There are many good looking IGC models but their model skeleton does not match general animation. They would have been a lot more usable if it could be fixed.
Is there anyway to add proper bones to them? Or will the devs plz make them usable… :confused:

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Anyone got any idea on this? I really want to use those beautiful homecity units as my villager models but the models become a statue with regular animations. :confused:

I think that’s the point of IGC models; they are made only for a specific scenic purpose and not intended for general gameplay usage.

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but why? shouldn’t they make them universal (i.e. all models compatible with all animations) on DE to make them more usable?

It makes zero sense to me to have two categories of units and animations, regular ones and IGC/HC ones that are incompatible with each other

Because the devs don’t have infinite resources to add all possible animations for every tree/model/object in the game, when they would be completely unused in the regular game.

Would it be cool to have fully animated battling trees, mines, and IGC models in mods? Yes. Is it worth it to implement? Probably not.

So that’s your logic for not requesting a simple standardized animation and model system?

You want AoE3 DE to live long or to die as soon as possible?

Here’s what is wrong with your reasoning:

Would it be cool to add Chinese Homecity customisation? Yes. Is it worth to implement? Probably not.
Would it be cool to have proto unit override modding feature? Yes. Is it worth to implement? Probably not.

See how ridiculously you are trying to mock here.
And no I am not asking for any extra animation or model, I am asking for compatibility of stuff that is already present in game.

By your logic they should stop working on the game all together…because, why waste resources?

The difference between those comparisons is that with IGC they would be wasting resources on something that they are literally not going to use in the game whatsoever. That’s the whole purpose of IGC; to not waste time implementing something that won’t be used in game. It’s a simpler model designed to only be used in a specific cutscene or situation, without needing full animations and such.

I’m not familiar with how much extra work it would take to convert all IGC models into fully usable ones, but, considering the devs have opted to go with this whole IGC system to avoid it, I assume the work is not as insignificant as you say.

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