Ignore a player at team ranked match?

Hi guys, It’s clearly to understand, Is that possible? blocked only for muted so, What’s for ignored players? I want this cuz some players like a bot and I don’t want team with those guys. Is there any option for that?

Thanks !

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No you can’t stop it

Regardless of what someone says, you can’t stop it

Players have had the same team mate and/or opponent for like 3 matches in a row

Reporting does nothing as well


We need something desperately, the devs don’t really take actions against those who break the rules and abuse badly of other users, everyone knows about the old legend canary, he has +15k games and he has resigned early around 6k games to tank his elo and keep getting easy games, there is no way to avoid him, no way to tell when is going to play or resign and if he has done it +6k games already and 0 moderation actions taken shows how bad the situation really is.

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atleast, We can talk a system about ignored players. I really don’t want team those guys they are ruined games such as, afk or early quitter, they don’t speak or they don’t know any one english word(escpecially south americans and asian players) they played 1v1 and resign… zero communication, zero help this is not ‘‘Team game’’ so, We need to elliminate those bots our games isn’t it? voobly has ignore system and you have limited ignore list (10 or 20 banned players in a list??) maybe, developers can add this option?? what do you think guys?


if you become a better player than he is with much higher elo, you have way higher chance of avoiding him.

Tell that to every single user he has noob bashed sir.

no need to tell anything. gitgud solves a lot of issue.

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gitgud? who is he ???

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He’s telling you to get good…

pumped? come on guys you don’t need that?