Ignore list

I think it doesn’t need much explanation. We should have the option to ignore players who don’t know how to behave. Unfortunately there are plenty of them as you probably know.


What do you mean by “ignore”? The game already have a feature for muting other players chat messages.

Similar option as voobly, if you add a player to your ignore list the matchmaking system can’t match you with that specific player and he can’t join any game if you are already inside. The toxic player will have to behave if he don’t want to run out of oponents.

This can’t be as simply as you stated, because it would leave too much room for abuse the system with ease. Pro Players, for example, could easily be ignored and have a hard time finding matches.

Well that’s exactly how it works on Voobly, and there hasn’t been any problems with pro players not finding games in 10+ years of existing.

With DE having an even larger playerbase, this would be even less of an issue.

DE is severely lacking in term of social features, and ignore list is something I would consider essential.


Or a rating system like Dota2/Csgo were you can give positiv and negative Feedback to make it obvious if you want that player in your lobby or not (opposed to not being able to join lobbies at all)

At other sites when a Noob wait for a long game, but he is defeated for 10 minutes, he begin to block or ignore other players.

Also I’d like to add that since DE doesn’t have any moderation whatsoever, it makes an ignore list all the more essential to avoid playing against players who lame their allies, hide villagers in corners, are abusive in all sorts of kind or outright cheaters.

This is quite appalling to be honest.

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You can block any player in the post game stats. On the first screen, next to the player’s icon (villager, deer, boar…) you have an icon to block them. I never used it yet, but I bet it answers your need :wink:

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that this button only prevents a player to receive messages from certain users, but the matchmaking system still can match you with them. If it’s not the case, then that’s good news.

I want to add to the previous replies that if certain player tries to use the ignore list in other ways, it’s fine. For example, I like to play with early aggresion and towers and I know certain players don’t like to play against certain tactics. It’s fine if they decide to add me to their ignore list. After all, this is just a game and everyone should have fun. In the same way I don’t like to play against players who steal my boar or my sheeps, so I can avoid those players. I respect those tactics but I’m the kind of player who send the enemy sheeps to their TC (I know it’s war but ever war has its honor codes :smile:)

As I said, I never used that block button yet. (I haven’t played much online for I’m still a bit scared to do so… I’m more of a solo player.) I thought it meant you could prevent to encounter someone you didn’t like through the matchmaking system. If it’s only to block messages, I don’t see its use… it’s not like AoE2 is a Twitter erzats 11.

There should be a “no laming” lobby and/or a “galant foe” lobby for people like you who send the sheep back to the enemy TC :smile: I think I could enjoy playing against you, I like an honorable fight. :crossed_swords:

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Fortunately there are plenty of players who do the same thing as me. It’s not just a matter of being nice. Laming a player’s boar or sheeps will cause him a great dissadvantage, making the rest of the game less fun for both of us. And all because I had the extra luck of finding my ressources early in the game and I can go faster to my oponent’s base. If I find his sheeps after minute 8 for example, I will send them to my TC as I consider he didn’t scaut well or he used his scaut to lure deers or something. Aniways, this is quite offtopic. Nice picture by the way:joy: ( and a good preview of NAC3 )

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It indeed needs loads of more social interaction, some way to report players included, I just believe that it needs some more thinkering to be implemented. A simple ignore list is highly exploitable, in my opinion. And contrary to what was said above, I think that a larger player base have the potential to scale the problem up, instead of shrinking it. Overwatch had a simmilar system back in the day and it was a catastrophe for high elo players.

And I honestly don’t understand why would someone try to isolate themself from face certain playstyles or strategies on the ranked mode of a game such as AoE. This deviates from the game’s core proposal of guessing what a opponent could do and reacting to it. If you want such a safe enviroment stick to unranked games.

If there is a limit to the number of people you can ignore, just like voobly it is much harder to abuse.

You need to choose who is a real asshole and needs blocking, rather than just every random person that beats you.


This is nicer. I actually like the current OW system a lot: you have a limit on ignores (i think that its 2), you can only ignore players you met on matches and the ignores expire after some time (2 weeks i guess).

any news on an ignore feature?
And has anyone confirmed that the mute button post-game would prevent matching up with the toxic player in future? if yes (which I dont expect) is there a way to access the list of people you had ignored (via steam maybe? It looks like it is not synced with accounts blocked on steam)

If not, will there be the intention to add an ignore list, perhaps with integration via steam (just like you can add players as friend, why wouldnt you be able to add players to an ignore list?)