Illigocial censoring

So a week back I played a game and my ally asked my nationality, like if I was French. So I said “No Indian”, which meant “No I am not French. I am Indian.” The whole sentence got censored. I thought I should make my English better, so I wrote “No, Indian”, which also ended up getting censored. And I was like “what the heck?”

And today just now I played a game in which my opponent’s gamertag was “see you em es ech oh tea”, which I am not writing directly so that my complaint doesn’t get censored. Weird how the chat censoring system works.

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My username is censored, it isn’t even a real word


@GMEvangelos sir, this is in reply to the thread which was closed. It would be appreciable to look at my thread.

When words and sentences like:

  • (Persian) Douche) (Dooche)
  • You don’t expect the Spanish Archer Inquisition! (inkvisition)
  • Swedish word for end (■■■■) (s lut). Then every Word gets censored, No language identifikation.
  • Typing in German or Finnish… Oh, That stuff surely can be censored entirely. Even if no words remotely resembles English NO-NO words.

Stop with this CCP chat filter. Whoever implemented it should redo it at least. Because hoping it be optional, well, that ain’t gonna happen thanks to CCP. Same with blood and gore in original game, can’t have it if game is being sold in CCP state.

Sometimes it can ruin bro moments. If you try to type again, it gets censored by default. I love the bro moments. Jesus. Last games had several censors, we were having a blast. Stop hating on us

MS, grow a pair of cajones.

Daddy Pill Gates, pls, do something.

EDIT: LMAO. Filter didn’t censor some words here like chat in-game (MFX_Media).