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  • GAME BUILD #: 61321+
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 11

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Description of Illumination is wrong.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

Mathematical approach:

  1. Observe resource 35, which is 1.6 by default.
  2. Observe the effect of Illumination, which is adding 1.4 to resource 35.
  3. Calculation: % increase = 1.4×100/1.6 % = 87.5%

Analytical approach: Convert any unit with monks twice, once with Illumination and once without. The one with Illumination takes slightly more than 33 seconds to regain faith (using the in-game timer), and the one without Illumination takes between 62 and 63 seconds to regain faith. Now 62/33 = 1.8787, which means it is 87.9% faster, which is close enough.

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Illumination should show that it increases faith regeneration by 87.5%, not 50%.

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  • I don’t know which image should satisfy.

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Hey SauravT,

“Monks regain their faith 50% faster after a successful convertion” is the text of the technology.
This seems like an accurate text, because the technology results in an almost 50% reduced time until faith is full again. If this number was like you mentioned 87.9%, it would become something like an 8 second faith recovery.
I can understand some confusion in the text though and have passed it on to my colleagues.

Hey, 50% less time and 50% faster are not the same thing. This has been illustrated by SotL many times.

Goths Barracks work 100% faster, which does not mean that infantry units are created in 100% less time (which means instantly).

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It should be noted that the Devs converted all their x% faster bonuses from a time base to a speed base somewhen in 2020 I think. So Japanese infantry changed from attacking with 25% smaller reload time, to them attacking 33% faster, etc. So for constitency’s sake it would be good to rephrase the tech description nonetheless in something like: “50% less time” to avoid the removed ambiguity.

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This is why we had every imprecise description in aoe2. Devs don’t understand how language works.

Funny thing is that since the 2020 anniversary patch they actually corrected most of the wording, like Japanese infantry attack 33% faster instead of 25%. The Indian DLC though, has the familiar “attack 25% faster” wording back, for Dravidians and Hindustanis. I don’t even know if they intended 25% or 33% this time.

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Visiting this thread after a year, and it is still not fixed. I hope they agree with Spirit of the Law’s maths.

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