I'm a great player

I won one game and my ranking went up 600 points. He must have been really good …


wait you won 600 elo in 1 game ? xD

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Well the big maintenance yesterday wiped the leaderboard clean. Last evening me and my brother won two game and I was ranked #82 and him #92 in team supremacy, and we are not even on the top 600 normally

So I’m not that good? :confused:


ur the best ( 20 characters )


That’s what I initially thought. Now I’m having doubts. I feel you could be right though.

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It was cause rank reset so it only was calculating from # of players from when the server rebooted. As people rejoin and play again over the next 2 weeks rank should return to norm.

Still, as a temporary top 60 team and top 100 1v1 player i enjoyed my 15 seconds of being at the top XD.


Ah I remeber that feeling when Empire wars was launched and I was top 10 for like a day

Which resulted in me playing against ezad which was interesting

That is a rather large blunder on their part. It means we won’t be getting matched with the correct level opponents for the next 2 weeks, making playing ranked during that period a bit pointless.

It’s almost back to normal already.

Its only rank#, youre still paired by elo which was unaffected.
Doesnt mean if a pro queues past 7 minutes you might get offered up by the elo gods as a sacrifice but its not more likely to occur

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Everyone’s ELO stayed the same which is what you are ranked with. The leader board has almost returned to normally already.

Indeed I’ve been matched with sir callen himself a few times an experience I don’t wish to repeat.


So matchmaking is fixed or not? If I look for a 2v2 does it find players of range 50 or max 100 elo above my below or is it still random?

I think matchmaking is fine, I played and wasn’t matched with some twitchy High APM genetic freak of nature.

One of those rare times over the course of a century where I was mistaken.

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