I'm afraid of playing matched games

i start shaking and get nervous every time i start and play matchmaking games. Its kinda a weird rush of excitement, but i have no faith of who i get teamed up with in team random map. Could be teamed up with someone who played for only a week, or a veteran in my rank. I understand why people drop out all the time. Rankings are unstable and unbearable mentally.


It can really help to not have any target rating in mind and to just not care about it. Playing ranked simply for the sake of getting balanced matches is completely fine.

Also knowing that every loss makes it more likely to receive a more manageable opponent in the next game can take away some of that anxiety as well.

As for teammates I wouldn’t worry about it too much, I played hundreds of ranked TGs and almost always had a good experience with my random teammates. In the rare event that someone is venting their frustrations excessively you can just mute them in the chat menu.

As for your concern regarding quality of teammates: I wouldn’t focus on that and just play, the more you play the more likely you’ll also be to receive teammates on your level. :slight_smile:


Try to focus in getting comfortable into 1v1 first. When you gain confidence and relaxation you jump into team games.

I also kind of hated team games in ranked multiplayer when I was a novice, because the teams are often very unbalanced, and not due to smurfs. So I wouldn’t recommend teamgames for new players, unless it’s with someone you really know and enjoy playing with.

You could try to use that in your favor. There’s a thin line between excitement and anxiousness. What really is it’s a burst of energy from your body telling you to get prepared, and your mind trying to interpret what’s happening, in your body and your environment, in a certain way. In general the solution to that is to focus on whatever your trying to accomplish, that’s the only way of converting all that energy into something productive

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Here’s your solution, team up with me, you won’t shake, but the enemies will :sunglasses:


wats your name in AoEII? mine jeddsworth

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Ladder anxiety is a common thing.
The best suggestion i can give you is to not think at the elo. I know it’s hard, but the moment you play without pressure usually everything goes smooth (except.if you are me, no pressure means random errors 11)

Match making is the best way to get balanced games against equally skilled opponents. So good players will match against other good players. And bad player against bad players. So there isnt really a reason to be afraid. Your first game might be terrible, since match making doesnt know your skill. But after some games you are just matched against equally skilled players.

In the TG ladder there are some issue, but in the 1v1 ladder, everything seems fine. Just note that the EW ladder is new, so everyone needs to find his place on the ladder. So the next few days these games might also be unbalanced.

The only thing I’m afraid of is EW ranked since right now first 10 games are going to be very one sided 11

Everyone start at 1000 elo. As result Pros and LELs have the same elo and thus can match against each other. This just takes some time before everything settles. The same was true at the start of DE, isnt it?! So no surprises there. Just wait a few days, maybe it will take more then a week. but after these initial days, it should be fine too.

EW is meh mod and it will be dead like DM.

I disagree. The mode sound really good. And as long as many players will play the mode, it will be at least better then DM. I can imagine people queue up for RM and EW at the same time and just see which game they will get.

I wont claim it succeed and i think it will never be so great RM, but under the right settings, i can succeed.

Nothing will be good rather than the RM one; I will tell you why. This game is balanced from 20 years ago on the dark age as a start, all civs are connected to the dark age, many strats are connected to the dark age. The thing is, when you bring a new mod that have different basics than the original, it means it need a new balance, in EW mod many civs are not balanced to start in feudal, nor was the DM, many civs lose their advantages if they lose the dark age, and other civs will be OP, this is why it won’t work, people will just now play this mod mirror or with specific civs like the DM mod, and it will not have 0.00000000001% of the players.

This is the best advice, I always strive to get better, of course, but honestly I don’t care if I lose elo

I can hardly imagine EW dying out. The mode is action from the very start and because of how almost all the maps are open land maps suits a lot of people here who aren’t fond of walls. With all maps being open maps almost there will be much less/close to no alt f4 for TG especially. My first TG me and my friends ended up Vs Mr bean and badboy - two top 100 1v1 players 11. Most my friends think EW whole experience in TG much better than RM for these reasons

They need to reset ELO and win rate each season because I don’t want to mess up with good looking stats of my main account while practicing.