I'm definitely decided!

what to expect from a game that releases a patch every month, that you could release in a day?
at this speed this game will never be over
can’t believe it, there shouldn’t be many people working, probably more they do the best they can, but it’s too little for a community that expects
Every day this game loses players, and some people, because they think the game is good for them, forget that one day they may not have a community to keep their favorite game running.

honestly i don’t expect this game to be maintained in the long term anymore
4 months of release and we don’t have
other game modes
smart hotkeys
and a lot of important things

I’m determined to abandon this game forever and focus on other things that are really worth my time
after more than 15 years playing this franchise, this was definitely my biggest disappointment

for those who stay, enjoy, I’m following better games
hope an other RTS come to make me happy again

GL everyone



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i am fine with them taking time, all i hope is the dev have better working conditions compared to the crunch culture elsewhere in the gaming industry. also the game will be maintained for a long time to come, take that as a given as none of the previous age games have died yet. even aoeo is still alive via project celeste. there might be a chance that server pop dips below critical level but the game will still live.

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try aoe 3 or other aoe. even aoeo is an option as I heard.


Si no has probado el age 3 dale un pequeña oportunidad, asi como yo se la di al aoe online bastante bueno el juego


I agree, except I’m not going to abandon the game because I have another game that I mainly play, so AoE 4 is just something I play when I feel like it. I’ve played for 100 hours so far according to the number Steam shows me, just slowly working through the civ masteries. So the slow rate of progress doesn’t bother me all that much, but I think it’s a huge problem for people who want AoE 4 to be the main game that they play. Those people are probably focused on ranked multiplayer, so IMO drop hacking is the number 1 issue they need to be solving right now.

I’m in awe of your productivity if this is something you consider feasible in a day. But regardless, don’t stick with something that isn’t bringing you enjoyment. I’m hoping your expectations are proven wrong, of course!

Yeah, I feel the same… I left a few weeks ago, tired of absurd metas, illogical rushing, boring and repetitive civs, boring maps, no treaty mode, drop hacking, and many more. I will come back after patches and DLC. But overall, it’s a good game, it has potential but they are really wasting the opportunity to do something nice

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I don’t believe the people behind patching are super-humans to patch a game in less than 1 month tbh. Every game I played, from TF2 to HOI4, had updates either monthly with lots of changes or weekly with a few tweaks in case of errors or bugs.

I believe that the patch quality matters more in monthly updates rather than how often do they patch it. I’m honestly happy that they have read some important conversations on the forums for this update, it shows they care enough.

You expect too much. This game is playable. It is not as complete like other RTS games but it’s playable. I am contented with this game. Any good RTS game that is not StarCraft, I would welcome it.

The campaign is awesome. It has videos of history and videos of the use of historical weapons. I like it.

The Skirmish 1vs1 against AI is decent. Of course all AI are dumb even on StarCraft. But if you dont abuse AI’s weaknesses, AI would provide you decent fights. Stop Ram rushing, stop Tower Rushing, Stop making Stonewalls with Range units on top of it, give the AI access to resources and it would give you awesome fights way harder than average human players. Play Rus against Hardest AI… as Rus are weak on rushes and Rus dont have Stonewalls. Playing Hardest AI would be fun especially if it’s playing Delhi Sultanate with awesome massive Elephants. I had a fun and had blast.

Too bad, I am about to come back to Shadowlands. But I had fun with AoE 4.

seems to me the devs are still working hard on the game, hopefully some of those issues you mentioned will be adressed in the future. the biggest question to me is when we will get a new civ or two and if they will cost additional money. just my take but the first few should be free just given how barebones the game is in terms of content at the moment for a 60 dollar game, after that i think itd be fair to release them as mini expansions with additional campaigns or whatever

Have you tried changing something in aoe3?
you can make any balance change in a few minutes, you can change many things in 1 day… this speed at which they work is so slow that there are only two options, either they are with other projects or the game was poorly made , that they can’t even make changes to their own creation

I was waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 like a year or so, I’ll wait for AoE4, too :stuck_out_tongue:

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is there like some medication people take, that causes them to make these kinds of posts? or is it some internet phenomenon where they think we care?

you see it with every game, and all it does is make the OP look dumb… why do people do it?


I never got into AoE III, but as both a games modder and a software developer I can say the two things are often very different.

I imagine that the bulk of the time isn’t spent actually making the change. I expect a lot of time is spent extracting and analysing data from multiplayer, and considering the best changes to make to address perceived issues. There’s also regression testing, which is probably the largest part of the work. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve worked on a software product where a regression test took several person years of work.

some people don’t like that we complain that things are far from ideal but age IV has 6k people now while aoe2 14k

stop thinking just what you think, start seeing what everyone thinks about the game, it’s fairer and ideal to keep the game alive

but looks realistic about its failure. This snowball effect seems to never end.

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I still haven’t started my Cyberpunk 2077 playthrough :slight_smile: I’ll wait for the next big patch.

I usualy play single player games after a year or so from launch.

As for Aoe4 i’m interested in more campaigns (for history) and improved A.I. overall.

I haven’t played the game in the latest build, can anyone confirm to me if smart selection is working, so i don’t select villagers and military in the same box? or is it still broken? that change alone would make my enjoyment of the game increase, but as far as I know it has been broken since the beta.