I'm quite done with this game until updates with bug fixes arrive

I bought the DE edition of age of empires 2 just two weeks ago through steam when quarantine started in hopes of having a good old video game to play in the meantime.

44 hours later i find myself not wanting to keep playing this game because of bugs that irritate the living crap out of me.

after a quick google search i found that said bugs i was encountering have been around for months and the game developers aren’t doing squat about it.

if anyone has looked at steam recently, there is an ever growing amount of bad reviews there where each and every single one of them is complaining about bugs in this game.

Games are supposed to be fun…
Good luck & have fun whoever can put up with this crap.

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I’ve been playing since November last year and it’s still a lot of fun. Instead of vaguely complaining, you could specify which bugs you’ve been encountering so that the devs could take a look into them. But suit yourself.

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post your bug not your random hate.

Each month has had a major update that has further and further improved things.

They just fixed the bug that makes your units attack random targets when you right click. I haven’t experienced any others. What bugs are you seeing?

If the OP was having stability issues and is unlucky enough for them to still not be fixed they can’t really test other bug fixes.

There’s a shitton, from broken pathing(no, new patch hasn’t fixed it), units randomly getting stuck, certain units (siege tower) straight up crashing the game and so on…

For clarity though I don’t mean to ■■■■ on DE in general. Been playing this game for years prior to DE’s release and no matter how irritating some aspects of DE are it hasn’t quite got to a point where it would make me stop enjoying playing AoE altogether