Imaginary Garland War rework for Aztecs: Plunder effect

Played Rise of Nations at the same time, and Aztecs (RoN) was one of my most played, mainly because of their aggro bonus where you gain plunder per kill. Wonder what would it be like with AoE2. Perhaps Garland Wars may have both the extra infantry attack and plunder capability?

Cost: Same as usual
Effect: Infantry attack +4, gain 50f, 50w, and 50g whever your units slay an enemy. 100f, 100w, 100g, for buildings (and 50 stone for defensive buildings).

The balance in those games is vastly different when compared to AOE 2.

The Aztecs civ do not have any economy problems. They do not need any sort of buff like this. This like an overpowered version of Chieftains.


The idea fits the Aztecs but 50 of each resource would be beyond excessive, if you kill some enemy infantry you’d get much more resource than what it costs the enemy. There also is the question of snowballing as the Aztecs already have a very strong infantry (+4 attack, jaguars…) and infantry makes most of the killings for them.

It should be 5 gold per unit (getting rewards for bringing prisoners to be sacrificed), maybe 5 food as they did eat the body of sacrificed (only the heart was given to the Gods) and nothing for buildings, other than sacrificing prisoners Aztecs were not especially known for looting (while the Vikings mainly did that and avoided proper battle, thus the rewards for killing villagers trade carts and monks).

And given the possible snowballing effect (especially for trash wars, so long that you kill enemies you can keep pumping some top-tier champions and jaguars…) it should maybe come with a nerf of Garland Wars, if implemented.

the idea isn’t bad in principle, but the vikings just got something similar. 5 gold per villager killed by berserks. so for this to be balanced it would have be a combintation of:
-only for jaguar warriors
-way less resources
-limited to some class of enemy units

would feel kind of copy and paste at this point though, and aztecs really dont need a buff

This should be saved for a new civi.

Fair enough. maybe the “blessing from the gods” will come in the form of 5-15 just food and wood for the units killed. The gold reward will be skipped due to the Aztec relic bonus, and the fact that it’s just mimicking the Viking chieftains. Stone-wise, if you want to, will just be 2 stone, otherwise you’d just be spamming Castles all over the place.