Imbalanced regional pricing for TMR

Coming from India, the pricing for The Mountain Royals is too much. To put into perspective, DE was 20 dollars, the first three expansions were 10 dollars, and the latest two are 15 dollars each. Sounds pretty good right?

Well in India, the prices are (in rupees):

  • DE: 529
  • LotW: 349
  • DotD and DoI: 265
  • RoR: 499
  • TMR: 899

Yikes! So TMR costs me more than what I paid for DE and LotW combined. I also don’t understand how come it has become so expensive despite being the same cost as RoR!?


It is wrong, the devs already are fixing it (I think)

In MS store the price is more fairer, so def is a price error

perhaps an incentive to get people off of steam? they do want more on xbox for numbers

Any updates on this @fe_dev_team ?

I am afraid I will lose the pre order discount if the price gets corrected too late.


there is inflation going on, everything is more expensive
I won’t buy because i disagree with the new units.

Did you try them already?

Im 100% sure you didnt read before posting. Try again.

I don’t get why their regional pricing is so all over the place.

It should be:
LotW/DotD/DoI = 1/2 of DE
RoR/TMR = 3/4 of DE
for everyone.

But I guess the issue is the difference in Inflation.
The price is calculated at the release of the DLC and doesn’t change later.
So if at the release of DE something was a “fair” price in a country but then the country has a high inflation a DLC that is supposed to be cheaper then the main game can end up being more expensive because the base game was never adjusted for inflation.

Try calculating the price of the base game and all the DLCs according to inflation since their release.

529 rupees in 2019 are equivalent to 715 rupees now according to this website.

That means the Mountain Royals is still a little expensive.

He said TMR cost more than DE + LotW in his region. I think it is because of inflation . What is the problem ?

1- Even IF regional pricing were followed, the current pricing is above it.
2- On Microsoft Store this “issue” is not happening, they are charging the same ROR price.

if #2 is true for most region, then its MS trying to be competitive with steam?

Well, AOE1DE was released only there for a year, right?
Very dumb move, but they (were forced to) tried it. So, who knows?
I really want to believe it was just a mistake, but the longer it takes to be fixed, more I start to believe it was intended.