Immersion music list

Does anyone know if there’s a place to see which songs are played for each civ when you have the soundtrack set to immersive?


Welp, I haven’t done a list but I know it depends on the expansion civs first appeared in. What I’m sure of is that AoK civs have the same musics as with the standard option, Last Khan civs get the 3 new tracks ( playing first, and that the first of these tracks (Booty and Kings) shows up not too long in the game if you have an African Kingdom civ, and later on if you have a Rise of the Rajas civ. The funny thing with this system is that civs as close as Italian, Spanish and Portuguese end up having completely different “themes that fit them”

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Ooh, interesting. Might be neat to see the title of the track playing fade in, appear for a couple seconds, then fade out … all in a subtle, nonchalant way… as tracks change. For all songs. (Toggleable in the Options menu, of course.)