Imperial Camels for Saracens, Turks, and Berbers?

Especially Saracens, since they do not have Cavalier.

Nothing quite special about Turkish Camels, as they are generic, and Turks have poor trash. Besides, during Seljuk rule, the backbone of their army were cavalry units.

Same goes for Berbers.


These changes are literally not needed. Saracen camels are very tanky and absolutely murder cavalry. Giving them Imperial Camels would make them too strong.

As for Turks this wouldn’t literally do nothing for them. They already have decent cavalry. The Turks are a very gold heavy civ, they have no good trash units apart from scouts. Giving their camels an additional upgrade just wastes more gold. Turks need to get access to relics or trade for long-term gold sustainability.


Sure lets make all the unique units shared.


Man are you really asking to give Berbers 20% cheaper Imp Camels with self regen?


Damn no… Hindustanis do not have knights, that’s why they can keep that bonus. With such a change, Hindustanis should get knights so I don’t see the point…

195 hp imp camel good idea …


If you had asked the proposal for sharing camel scout with other civs then I would have been more willing to agree. Camel Scouts see very little to no use. Sharing them with other civs will add variety to the starting scout for more civs.

Sharing Imperial Camels is out of question.

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The new Saracen camel is crazy. Well, it’s not ‘new’. They had 170hp camels in the past, but now you don’t have to pay for the HP - they now win all 1v1 camel fights until Hindustanis get Imperial Camel Rider, or Gurjaras research Frontier Guards … Gurjaras won’t be getting Frontier Guards at all if you play it right because you’ll have beaten them in early imp or before with your superior camels. As soon as your Heavy Camel tech and +4 armor comes in, goodbye Gurjaras. (IF you haven’t beaten them already). I think Hindustanis when they get their villager discount re-buffed a bit will be a bit tougher because they will have the eco to field good numbers in Castle Age, still probably a case of forcing a fight before their major upgrades come in.

Mr Yo just 1v2’d Bengalis Elephant Archers and Gurjaras Camels with Saracen Camels in the Cartographers tourny, it was nuts.

imo, Saracen don’t need imp camel, they already have everything else they need, like full archery tech, full siege tech, full monk tech, they even have FU hussar and FU champion. their tech tree is incredibly versatile. Sure they don’t have cavalier but why would you want cavalier if you don’t have paladins anyway.

The only UU should become universal is Imp skirm.

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