Imperial Camels Should Be Like Paladin

As you know Imperial Camels only access to Indian but i think Imperial Camels should be like paladin upgrade… Maybe some civizilation access to IC like Saracens, Persian, Malians, Ethiopian, Berbers…

What do you think about ?

You would have to rework Berbers, Malians and Saracens to balance this out and Persians would be a top tier camel civ suddenly. Seems like a bad change


Not a generic unit so No.

Imperial camels is available for Indians because Indians lack knight-line and need a substitute. Imperial camels were designed exclusively for Indians to fight archers. But now, IC lose last cavalry armor. Hussar takes over this role.

IC is very versatile and powerful in team games. Several civs has to be adjust accordingly if IC is available. So not a good change imo.


Imperial Camel was once a broken unit in Tgs because they hard counter paladins and just wrecked any building, also having 5 PA and 3 melee , meaning Indians had the very best camels by a massive margin to the point that oter camel civs (Malians, Berbers and Saracens) couldn’t even compete, and even overrun over arbalests, the nerf was absolutely needed. and no Imperial camels can’t be good as paladins in TGs because then every TG at any ELO WOULD BE 100% CAMEL FEST lol.

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That would be fun to watch for 2 weeks at least

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Try to even pick or random a paladin civ as pocket and see your hopes die lol

I think A nerf was needed for TG’s, possibly to their building bonus damage if that was really a problem. Or maybe make Sultans not affect trade income. I disagree that removing plate barding was the correct move. 3/5 armor after Imperial Age upgrades is not very much, for comparison most civs can make Men-at-Arms with 3/5 armor after Imperial blacksmith upgrades.

The current 2/4 armor is simply not enough, and Imperial Camels are too vulnerable for their high cost, especially in 1v1. They were once designed to be a general cavalry replacement, and somewhat fill the void of knights for Indians, but now they fall short of that goal.

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Having a generalist super camel is just a bad idea when you are giving it to a civ with an super smooth boom in a TG meta where halbs arent an option. You CAN have camels with better pierce armour but not for indian imperial camels.

Tbh I would rather if they remove imperial camels and give them the last armour (with the bonus still giving their camels +2 pierce armour) but that will never happen

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