Imperial Official and Dynasty Rework


you shouldn’t lose access to dynasty units or buildings when switching dynasties. instead Spirit Way should enable and empower all unlocked dynasty passives. rather than unlock an eco technology, spirit way automatically increases population cap by 5%(10) for every unlocked dynasty.

individual dynasties need more than this though, something that makes them feel more game changing and exciting.

                                Imperial Officials

china now starts with 1 imperial official and cannot be retrained at the town center. tax landmark instead spawns 2 imperial officials and increases build limit by the same amount, and respawns officials slowly for free. other landmarks now also spawn an additional imperial official and increases their build limit by 1.

officials inherently have a 50 gold carry capacity and have a new “oversee prefecture” ability that allows them when garrisoned in an outpost to empower all nearby buildings with 20% increased work rate and 10% increased resource drop off. “supervise building” now increases a single buildings work rate by 100% and resource drop-off by 20%.

tax landmark has a new technology that allows officials “overseeing” an area to directly deposit tax gold from all affected buildings into your stockpile at 1 gold per building every 5 seconds, increased to 1 gold per second while “supervising” a single building. another technology increases the area of the “oversee prefecture” and doubles the effect of “supervising”.

Keeps gain a technology that allows them to automatically “oversee prefecture”, empowering nearby buildings while also automatically depositing tax gold their tax gold into your stockpile if the tech is researched at the tax landmark.


Chinese need more buff.