Imperial Skirmisher And Hul'che Javelineers

How strong would this unit become with these two affects combined? Mayans with Vietnamese ally?

What affects would it have on combat?

Its common sense:

Imp Skirmisher do +1 Damage per Shot compared to Elite Skirms. So whats the difference. They are better as Imp Skirms than Elite Skirms. My guess is that the Mayan UT makes Skirms just shoot another projectile the same as the first

Or what do you expect to achieve with this question?

How much do they fair against units that normally destroy skirmishes? Like champs.

Since Hul’che Javalineers only adds +1 Damage on the secondary Javelin anyway, I would say they would be better than base Imp Skirms, but by just +1 damage, and depending if it hits.

They would be double as efficient against Rams and Buildings, as they would deal 2 damage instead of one, but it would be the same as base Elite Skirms with HJ.

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Skirmishers aren’t good against anything but archers and after the archers reach a critical mass skrims become absolutely useless so they are not strong by any means. Getting back to the topic, Hul’che Javelineers is pretty much a useless tech even if we assume the javelins hit every time since it deals like 1 damage most of the time according to SotL’s tests.