Imperial Upgrade for Blue Guards!

I don’t play dutch but please Devs let the Blue Guards get the imperial Upgrade by upgrading from the fort or the advanced church! And thanks for this good PUP!


Just make the Blue Guard be a consulate unit (upgraded automatically and +10% attack and HP), rather than just a reskinned regular unit.

Let the new card ship about 10 consulate Blue Guards rather than 14 normal ones, and let them cost 10% higher at the Forts (like Commandery units); let the church card provide about 27 consulate Blue Guards rather than 30 normal ones; and then, let the Dutch ally at the Consulate change to provide them rather than the current consulate Musketeers which are named the same. Done, both supremacy players and treaty players will be able to enjoy it.


i strongly recommand your opinions because the blue guard muskteer is basically the ducth royal guard upgrade muskteer,made it an.consulate units with 10% hitpoint and attack is equal to the royal guard , whats more church card lets you train blue guard in your forts which is make more sense just like mexican age2 criollos muskteer and united states magyar hussar which gets autoupgraded, so devs need to change blue guards.for dutch and made it an consulate units also “infantry combat” buff card need to affects the blue guards as well


make them a bit more expensive in return though


Yeah, I want exactly the effect like the US Magyar Hussars. That is the best answer to the Blue Guards.

I would say that the church cards should not enable something especially there are other cards to enable those units. Such like the Rangers. They and the Blue Guards should be enabled by the cards, and the church cards should just provide the techs to ship a lots of them (and maybe give a free Arsenal tech as bonus). In my opinion, the French Grenadiers should also have to be trainable by default, and the techs of French church card should just provide consulate Grenadiers and some free techs.

Also, the Rangers from the church techs should also become the consulate units renamed to “Roger’s Ranger” and later “Queen’s Ranger”, to make them different from normal ones replacing the Longbowmen and trained at Barracks and Forts. Moreover, I think those non-mercenary units from the church techs that are renamed and cannot be available anymore, such like the Swedish and Spanish Halberdiers, and Italian Carbine Cavalry, should be the consulate units too. Since they cannot be upgraded anymore, they should be the consulate units otherwise they are just useless in the late game.

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