Import Independent Architecture Mods from HD to DE

Here are the steps to import any of your favorite Architecture Mods from HD into DE and use it by loading this Data Mod for DE.

Step 1: Download the mod that you want to use and retrieve the graphics files. (Here I am using Omarr_gg’s Persian Architecture Mod as an example):

Step 2a: Using SLX Studio by Tevious export SLPs to SLX.

Step 2b: Now import SLX to SMX using the following settings.

Step 3: Rename the file numbering to required format. Using the description in this mod for reference. (Here I am using Bulk Renamer Tool to do it quickly.
Screenshot 2024-02-11 183458
Screenshot 2024-02-11 183507
Note you need to add suffix _x1 compulsorily and prefix two digits according to the civilization you want to replace the architecture.

Step 4a (optional): Convert the SMX files to SLD using WaiFor’s SMX Workshop. This will reduce the size of mod.

Step 4b (optional): Scale by 2x for UHD support.

Step 5: Place the files in your local mods directory in the following folder format.

Step 6: You are good to go. Launch the game, make sure to activate your graphics mod and keep the data mod below graphics just like you did in Independent Architectures Mods for HD.

Now launch the game with the data mod and enjoy.

You can also import units from HD to DE using the same technique.


This content could be awesome DLC!

Don’t give them ideas. Just make the stock data able to load different SLD’s for each civ and let the modders do their stuff.


To be fair no modder is successful in making a building with proper destruction yet.

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I think it would be really good if there were generic destruction animations – basically an updated version of the ones in the original game/HD – that modders could use with any building graphics. Obviously it wouldn’t be as impressive as the in-game destruction animations, but it would look better than buildings changing into different buildings when they’re destroyed.

AbeJin can do it, I think – if you can afford to pay him.

Doesnt the Rome ad Bellum war have its own destruction animations?

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For some buildings but its not the same as ingame buildings less frames different falling parts etc.

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Maybe its just easier to recolor stuff