Important CTD When Using UHD graphics

Steam version
As the title says if I and probably many of us use UhD graphisc pack the game loads or tends to then crashes.
Please look into in immediately as the game cannot be played at all using UHD

Increasing the size of the page file fixed it for me.

With 16GB RAM, I set pagefile to min 8192 and max 16384. Works ok now.

To check if memory (or lack thereof) is your problem, right click on the start button, click on event viewer, on the left hand side, click on windows logs and then on system, look for the date and time of your CTD and you should see a warning (with event id 2004?) that states Resource Exhaustion Diagnosis Events.

yea gonna check it out once it finishes downloading again (read the same thing late RiP)

Ok after Increasing pagefile (i set it to windows decides something * took 19gb per drive i think*
My performance with graphics pack is way better than what i had earlier
loading is way smoother now Tysm Pin The solution if anyone with the ability is reading

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