Important: Questions for Adam ISGREEN: share yours

Ok mates, Adam Isgreen will be the guest of the next Xboxera Podcast

I know most of you (me too) would wanna share their worries with him . This is a good chance to do it. I sent a message to Shpeshal.Ed of Xboxera Staff and he answered me that they’ll make an exception for us and will read some our questions for Adam Isgreen.

So, i’m going to collect some questions about “graphic”.

Try to formulate the questions whitout an “aggressive tone”.

Thank you.

This is mine question:

  1. We are veryy happy to see Aoe franchise growing up. After the recent Gameplay videos many fans shared their worries about some graphic aspects as “low textures, animations and buildings size”… We seen that those “graphic choices” are for competitive games and readability but many people don’t like this aspect. Unfortunately there are a lot of these discussions on very different communities (agecommunity, Steam, Reddit, youtube comments etc) I would ask to Relic and World’s Edge if they are going to hear those communities and making some changes for that. Thanks a lot.

Is there going to be the possibility to rebind hotkeys in the options menu? All Relic’s past games are a bit infamous for not offering this feature.


1# how many workers are at start by default

2# can you change how many workers are at start like 3, 6, 12, 15

3# can you for skirmish Disable Fog of War?

4# can you change the speed of the game

5# how is the economy? can you change to have rare, medium or plenty of resources.

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Ok i sent the questions to staff. We’ll see today

Spheshaled answered me

No worries. Ill talk to Jon. I can’t promise we’ll be able to cover them all or that Adam will be allowed (or even know the answer) to answer them all, but I’ll see what I can do


Anything new in site for AoM?

Will there be new civs in DotD?

  • Why Aoe4 X019 trailer looks different to the Fan Preview gameplay?
  • When will the Beta start?
  • To what extent can we change optics in the game? For example colors, proportions, “ghost” effects etc?
  • Can you tell us more about campaigns? What is similar and what is different to other Age of Empires games?

I’m interested in this one as well. And to add, did you actually tweaked things like the proportions, lighting, saturation? And what was the reasoning behind this decision?

  • Is the game targeting to appeal more to the competitive subpart of the community, how much have the competing expectations of two very different parts of the community affected the game’s development and did you eventually ‘pick a side’ to put it simply? Could you give a few examples?

  • In many people’s eyes, animations and unit movement looked crude and unpolished, are those some of the things that you plan to improve on before release?

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The size of buildings since 2019’s preview were significantly decreased. Units now look kind of silly next to smaller sized buildings because they appear as giants. For many players as myself included, this takes away some of the beauty and immersiveness of the game.

If this decision was purely related to gameplay reasons related to future e-sports competitions, could you allow an option for players to increase the size of buildings/decrease the size of units to match the 2019 gameplay presentation trailer ?

I tried to post all these questions but i don’t know how many of them Will be done. Staff said me that it’s not a live streaming but it’s a pre-recorded show so this Is the reason for “our questions Will be an exception”. We’ll see if Isgreen Will answer them. I done my best.

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Staff Will try to do what they can. I had to modify some questions due the lenght

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Will there be co-op content in AoE 4?

Please feedback from the qustions.thanks

I only ask if they may find a medium point with a good readability without sacrificing another aspects like building proportions, textures, weapons size… because those are important for immersion to many people

They answered

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What’s DotD? (char limit)

Dawn of the Dukeks

and the answeer was yes :wink:

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