Importing Hotkeys from HD to DE

Does anyone know if there will be an in-game feature allowing existing hotkeys to be imported from the HD Edition to the Definitive Edition on Steam? This, obviously, would have to be a Steam only feature, since AoE2 HD isn’t (as far as I’m aware) going to be released on MS Windows Store.

This would be a neat feature to have, because I, like many other players, have made considerable changes to the default hotkey scheme (I’ve re-mapped most functions and commands to the WASD keys, not unlike an first-person game scheme, for instance).

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It will be released on both stores, so Microsoft Store and Steam Store. Hotkey are fully customizable, so I don’t see problems to import certain settings from AOE2 HD. Probably they take over current hotkey settings.

Here you can see the new hotkey editor of AOE DE.

By default it follows the QWERTY ASDFGH logically per row of icons that show up in the build menu.


for aoe 2 de they now have 3 different standard hotkey profiles, CD, HD and the new grid system

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Yeah, the new grid system. I love it. Thanks for reminding me the official term.
And the togglable build button of course. Also useful with a minimalistic theme in the future.

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Ahh, can’t you just customize the hotkeys as you like?

That looks absolutely gorgeous… Really.

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Side note, AOE2 HD is losing support on Steam, so…