Impossible AI Difficulty?

Does anyone want an impossible AI difficulty setting? Basically here how it works, it’s like extreme AI but it has two invisible feitorias resources generation. (don’t take up pop space) Creates units faster than you, basically gets free conscription starting in darkage, and get treadmill crane at the start. One of the first things it does is to militia rush you at the very start, while booming at the same time, researchs tech faster, ages up faster than you.

Could it still be beaten? Anyway to make it even harder?

The AI can only be beat maybe on michi or something. Otherwise it’s near impossible. If not impossible.

The AI doesn’t lose on the count of it’s resource generation or it’s production.

It loses because its tactical decision making doesn’t exist. It doesn’t (really) play map control, the closest it gets to that is forwarding buildings around where it wants to fight, it doesn’t wall vulnerable areas, it doesn’t deprioritize buildings that are irrelevant for focusing crucial enemy buildings practically whatsoever, and it has the habit of flushing thousands of resources down the drain by absent-mindedly feeding their units into defensive building fire.

I have no doubt that as you’ve described it, one AI would still be absolutely no challenge.


I wish to know why in the late game, the AI rebuilds a University after I destroy one.

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Yeah that could be interessting, also the AI in AOE2 isnt really a propper “AI”, it’s just programmed to behave one way, it would be amazing to have an AI that analized thousands of pro games, it would be absolutelly unbeatable and not even cheated technically

Making such an AI requires such an insane amount of ressources, we would be better of if they put all this work and money into fixing stuff instead 11 And they could spare some to just make a better AI, I’m pretty sure the Barbarian AI doesn’t cheat while being pretty good.

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Avoid recostructing buildings which can’t do anything no mode e.g. blacksmith or university should not be so difficult.

turns out Barbarian does cheat if it’s set on “hardest”, ooopsie.