Impossible to save skirmish in AOE4

Hello all,

Since the new update of Empire 4, I can’t save my game in
skirmish mode and I don’t have the same issue with the campagne.

When I saved my game, I return in Windows and the game isn’t saved !
Do you have a explanation ?


Thank you for reporting @Aurelien586! Would you mind checking if you still have this issue after taking the Season Two update tomorrow? If you are still crashing, please do report back.

I tried with the new update and the issue is the same

We have a couple bugs in play that this could be related to. The best thing you can do would be to contact support with your warnings.log file. Hopefully this will help the team sort out what might be happening.

If you’re at wit’s end, you can try deleting the Age of Empires IV folder in \Documents\My Games. That will reset your Age IV (campaign progress, Art of War progress, etc should be saved). It will delete any custom settings like hotkeys, however.