Improve and perfect Chinese civilization dynasties

After the update of Chinese civilization, one dynasty’s building was moved to the first era, which made two dynasties in Chinese incomplete. The Tang Dynasty lacked a dynasty unit, while the Ming Dynasty lacked a dynasty’s building.So I was wondering if it’s possible to add new dynasty units and buildings for these two dynasties in Chinese in the future. I had this idea a long time ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I came up with a more suitable new unit and building.

The Dynasty Units of the Tang Dynasty
Kongming lantern

Kongming lanterns are now mainly used for making wishes and sending blessings, but in ancient China, they were originally used for military communication. As the first dynasty in China, I believe it would be more appropriate to add a non combat unit to the Tang Dynasty.Kong Mingdeng is an aerial reconnaissance unit that can be built in the Town Center, just like the hot air balloon in Age of Empires 3. After flying for a period of time, it will drop, and with the upgrade of the times, it can improve flight time and field of view. But there are already have scouts in the game, and I think very few people are willing to spend resources to produce it in the first era.So I think it would be more appropriate to place the Kongming Lamp anywhere on the map, just like the scientific expeditions of the House of Odenberg in Age of Empires 3, as a unit released through skills. I think this can increase the chances of using the Kongming Lamp, rather than turning it into a Tang Dynasty mascot unit.

The Dynasty building of the Ming Dynasty
Beacon tower

Beacon towers were mainly used in ancient China to transmit military intelligence,transmit invasions from border enemies to the Central Plains dynasties.The existing dynasty buildings in Chinese are all non military buildings, so I hope to add a military dynasty building to Chinese during the Ming Dynasty. In the game, only three beacon towers can be built, and at the same time, beacon towers

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