Improve Death match games visibility

Dear Developers,
Please review increasing the Death match games visibility. Currently, almost nobody clicks on the Lobby picklist.

Proposed options :

  1. Show Ranked and unranked games together, with an additional column to indicate the type ( remove lobby time)
  2. Add a Lobby Time : All, selected by default

Much appreciated,

A Death Match player enthusiast

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I know that at least for 1v1 and TG ranked it cant be in the same page thanks to the engine.
Guess its true for unranked/ranked also.

If this is true, this is really bad design…

The lobby just has to show all open lobbies and you should add filters to make a selection. One of the possible selection just be the game mode ‘death match’. Then it select all rooms in the lobby with DM selected. That sounds pretty easy to create.

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Its not a design, its something beyond what the game can do or too troublesome for what they think its worth.
Lets remember that right now, since crossplay with Xbox, and back last year when ranked lobbies were created (it had horrible lagging to the point DMers barely cared to play the PUP, that was already plagued), the game started to have some odd instability

I loved playing DM. But guys, I am too lazy to click that filter to check for ranked games only to almost always find nothing. Futile waste of my, time so I stopped.

Abandon the ranked DM filter. Just make all DM games ranked and put the together with all the other lobbies like it was in HD

Was no problem in HD

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Well, Im just telling you what I know from trustable sources. Dont believe it or complain with them about this being available in HD.
There’s a DM discord with most active ranked players, its the easiest way to find games or someone to play with