Improve learning section

Hello Age of Empires Lovers :smiley:

In order to make the game more beginners friendly I suggest to add at the learning section of the game for each civ some good build orders which are good enough for multiplayer. For example one for fast castle, fast feudal, feudal rush and so forth.

Of course this must je updated from time to time.

It would be easier and less time consuming to have all in one place instead of viewing build orders by different ressources.

Furthermore I would suggests that the displayed tips while loading a game are all listed there. This can also be expanded over time.

Besides I would add one or two art of war missions on how to defend proberly from rush and generally attacks.

What do you think about it?

Kind regards


There is a more possible way of realizing it. You may need to wait for the editor. I hope some kind players would have the will of doing it, which could be possbly recommended by ageIV official. If no one else will, I will have a try, on condition that the editor supports me to do so.

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Checking off the masteries is a good way to learn different civ-specific strategies. I think the observe feature is also good for new players. I learned a lot from observing some multiplayer games. Co-op vs AI is another good training opportunity.

What I think was lacking was the campaign. Maybe it’s just cool to have certain units complete certain historical missions, but it doesn’t prepare you for the multiplayer game at all. The English campaign basically teaches you to just farm food and spam a giant ball of longbows. Then newbs come into multiplayer with that strategy and just get destroyed.

I haven’t played all the campaigns but one of the Mongol campaign missions is basically to destroy a fortress with mangudai. You would never do this in a real game so it’s kind of strange to me that someone looking to learn the game is going to be taught those bad strategies.

I support this. they should hire a decent player to work/play for them and be in charge of a youtube channel for the game