Improve this forum with thumb downs, like reddit

why this forum is not like reddit where you can thumb down and thumb up, you can easily know what comment reply other comment, we should move to reddit or improve this.

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Then go there if you want a worse echo chamber.


This forum is toxic as it is now, imagine it with downvotes.


well at least we’d know who is the most toxic, and some comments coudl have thumbs down and not just be there like it were a good comment. Also good coments could be thumbed down too, jeje. But i think its just better

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there is an option for downvoting, it’s called making a response and having people upvote it cause you made an actual good argument to counter theirs.

downvotes wouldn’t improve anything, it would, for example, make civ suggestions into popularity request rather than about cool designs or ideas, it would encourage “botting” to gain popularity to ones idea, and it would encourage toxicity for no real benefit.

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yes i know, but to see who responded what its a nightmare, its not like reddit that you just follow a line